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We’re Out of Reasons Why Destiny Doesn’t Have Cross Saving

Picture courtesy of YouTuber Snake DST Just yesterday, Sony announced they were lifting their block on crossplay between competitor consoles. Fortnite, the biggest game on the planet now, has taken full advantage, opening crossplay to all platforms, just in time for the release of its 6th season. Suddenly, a lot of potential has suddenly risen to the surface. In the world of Destiny, a persistent gripe from players and journalists has been the lack of cross-saving. Keep in mi

Three Terrible Boss Mechanics That Need to Die

Destiny is a pretty multifaceted and sophisticated experience that offers a variety of experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. But all encounters, regardless of their diversity or novelty, mostly end in a familiar encounter: a boss fight. Whether it be a story mission, strike, raid or gambit, the final boss is both the main course and cherry on top of the Destiny experience. Why? The satisfying rush of burning a massive health bar down? The catharsis of annihilating somethi

Forsaken's Raid is Now Granting Players Actual Wishes

The 'Last Wish' of Destiny 2's latest raid may have been a horrible curse upon The Dreaming City, but it looks like the wishes only got better from there. That's right, the Raid grants actual wishes. In game, at least. Don't hold your breath on Bungie getting you that iPhone XS. The r/RaidSecrets subreddit discovered a Wall of Wishes, a massive grid of various symbols. Soon after, players discovered that similar, tiny grids of those symbols were appearing, hidden around Desti

Forsaken's Raid Beaten After Grueling, Record Smashing Run that Lasted Nearly 19 Hours

After a brutal run that lasted nearly 19 hours, Team Redeem pushed another World First to the finish line. The spectacular race was a nail-biter, with streamer Ninjjy and his team reaching the final boss around 1 PM PST, victory virtually assured. With the nearest competition in the form of Datto, almost three hours behind, it seemed that we'd see the end of the Raid race within 5 or 6 hours of release. It would be 19 hours, and over several startling upsets that Clan Redeem,

How to Kill The Bloody Cleaver

Early on in the Forsaken campaign, you’ll set foot in the grimy lair of The Spider. He and you share a special connection: the desire to see Prince Uldren dead. His reasons aren’t quite as noble as yours. You’re here to avenge Cayde; he simply isn’t a fan of the chaos Uldren’s unleashed. It’s bad for business, and frankly, having homicidal killers roaming about was never good for tourism to begin with. Once the story concludes, The Spider’s problems remain ongoing. In their h

How to Crush Your Way through Forsaken's Blind Well

If you’ve completed Forsaken’s campaign, and found a cool Awoken statue, you’ve probably found your way into The Dreaming City. The lost Awoken City is beautiful and mysterious, but should you have the misfortune of getting lost, you’ll find its filled to the brim with evil and violence. Central to this evil and violence is an arena of destruction known as ‘The Blind Well.’ Approach it with a ‘Charge of Light’ item, and you’ll unleash a hellish plague upon this dreamlike plac

Awoken Techeuns Are Probably Behind The Dreaming City's Curse

A new trailer for Destiny 2’s ‘Forsaken’ expansion hit the internet this morning. Following the overwhelmingly positive reaction to yesterday’s combat reveal, the trailer showed off an absolutely fantastic looking new environment. The Dreaming City, or ‘Rivendell in Space’ as I like to call it, looks absolutely wondrous. The trailer fleshes out its darker crevices, while showing off the kind of combat players can expect. There are a variety of interesting corners to investiga

Everything You'll Want to Know About Forsaken's New Supers

Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC is on track to put the game on its head, ramping the stakes to 11 and shoving as much power as possible back into player's hands. So, the natural step forward was the most powerful weapon of all: supers. Forsaken isn't bringing any new subclasses (that we're aware of), but each of the nine existing subclasses is getting an additional node path, unlocking a new, alternate super. In total, that's nine new subclasses, and nine new ways to cut an ether so

How Forsaken's New Gun Slots Work

Destiny 2's new gun system relegated the shotgun, sniper and fusion rifle to the heavy weapon category. The reason seemed to be balance. By Rise of Iron, shotguns had proved so impossible to balance that Bungie outright removed special ammo from spawns in the Crucible. The result was a more balanced game, but not a very interesting one. The trend for Destiny 2's post-launch updates, however, have trended in the opposite direction. The 'Go Fast' update turned speed back up, an

Destiny 2: Forsaken | Everything You Need to Know

Destiny 2: Forsaken looks like everything a Destiny expansion should be. Between the incredible new world, the gorgeous art, the expanded gameplay and the new 'Gambit' game mode, this Fall's expansion is, frankly, impressive. Bungie describes Forsaken as a "revenge western," with The Prison of Elders having been overrun after a massive jailbreak. Cayde 6 has spent the last few years filling it with the worst Fallen criminals, and now they're out in the wild 'like a reverse Ma