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  • Daniel James

Forsaken's Raid is Now Granting Players Actual Wishes

The 'Last Wish' of Destiny 2's latest raid may have been a horrible curse upon The Dreaming City, but it looks like the wishes only got better from there. That's right, the Raid grants actual wishes. In game, at least. Don't hold your breath on Bungie getting you that iPhone XS.

The r/RaidSecrets subreddit discovered a Wall of Wishes, a massive grid of various symbols. Soon after, players discovered that similar, tiny grids of those symbols were appearing, hidden around Destiny 2's world and within the raid itself. They starting plugging these combinations into the wall, and --what do you know-- they got a wish.

It seems there are fifteen wishes in total, according to the corresponding Lore Book.

First: A wish to feed an addiction

Second: A wish for material validation.

Third: A wish for others to celebrate your success.

Fourth: A wish to look athletic and elegant.

Fifth: A wish for a promising future.

Sixth: A wish to move the hands of time.

Seventh: A wish to help a friend in need.

Eighth: A wish to stay here forever.

Ninth: A wish to stay here forever.

Tenth: A wish to stay here forever.

Eleventh: A wish to stay here forever.

Twelfth: A wish to open your mind to new ideas.

Thirteenth: A wish for the means to feed an addiction.

Fourteenth: A wish for love and support.

Fifteenth: "This one you shall cherish." —Riven of a Thousand Voices

So, what kind of wishes are there? Players have confirmed a few. From the subreddit:

Wish 3 is an emblem. The fourth wish warps the player to the Shuro Chi encounter, the fifth takes you to Morgeth and the sixth takes you to The Vault. The eight wish plays Paul McCartney's song 'Hope for the Future' that was written for the original game's launch.

The 11th wish is definitely the best so far, granting the classic Halo "Grunt Birthday Party" skull. Landing headshots will trigger confetti bursting from where their head used to be. The sound effect isn't there, but hey, there's a non-zero chance it's the 12th wish.

We'll update this article as more develops, but if you really want to keep an ear to the action, I'd subscribe to the Raid Secrets subreddit. This post, in particular, is being updated as new info arises.

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