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  • Daniel James

Everything You'll Want to Know About Forsaken's New Supers

Void Hunters' new 'Spectral Blades' in action

Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC is on track to put the game on its head, ramping the stakes to 11 and shoving as much power as possible back into player's hands. So, the natural step forward was the most powerful weapon of all: supers.

Forsaken isn't bringing any new subclasses (that we're aware of), but each of the nine existing subclasses is getting an additional node path, unlocking a new, alternate super. In total, that's nine new subclasses, and nine new ways to cut an ether soaked path through The Reef.

In Game Informer's latest issue, they showed off a number of details from the new expansion. Here's a breakdown of what they saw of the new supers.

Titan's are more than just human tanks, sometimes they're also human shields


Sentinel: Banner Shield

Titans take their "human shield" and "human tank" ethos' a bit seriously, and when they take it too seriously, you get the 'Banner Shield.' You still have the Defender Titan's shield, but when blocking, it creates a massive wall of light that blocks enemy attacks while letting friends fire through it. If it sounds like Reinhardt's shield from Overwatch, that's because it essentially is.

Sunbreaker: Siege Hammer

It's your familiar "fire hammer" you've been weilding since The Taken King. Except now you get just one. Have fun throwing it, spotting where it's landed and heading to retrieve it. Worried you might get killed getting there? I may have missed an important detail. This hammer doesn't just kill what it hits -it obliterates everything in its vicinity. Your hammer is now a throwable fire-tornado. Throw it, stroll through the ashes of your enemies, pick it up and throw it again. Each time you retrieve it, you trigger a full cooldown on all abilities and health regen.

Striker: Thundercrash

Titans aren't known for their scholarly ways, but when Tower scholars announced a new discipline titled "Code of the Missile," I imagine they threw on a pair of glasses and picked up a Jansport backpack. Yes, it's called "Code of the Missile" and yes, it's exactly what you think it is. Remix your Fist of Panic and become an ICBM with tracking and massive AOE damage. Fist of Havock now launches you into the air, lets you lock onto a target, then brings you hurtling down like a nuclear bomb.

Warlocks push their arcane power to the limits in Forsaken


Voidwalker: Atomic Breach

Speaking of nuclear bombs, there's quite a cold war brewing between classes. Warlocks, too, have developed nuclear capabilities, and -we're told- aren't afraid to use them. Game Informer claims it "creates a void explosion at range." It's hard to visualize exactly what it is from how it's described, but then again it makes sense Warlocks would keep details of their nuclear program close to their chests.

Stormcaller: Chaos Reach

He needs no introduction. He's a man of few words. He's a Warlock that shoots laser beams out of his hands. This, is the Attunement of Control, because my God, if I could shoot laser beams, 'control' is the last thing that'd be on my mind. Which is probably why I'm a Hunter.

Dawnblade: Well of Radiance

I'm actually going to punt discussion of the super, because there's a far more interesting mechanic at work here. You've still got the Warlock's infamous charged solar melee, but now, smacking an ally with it regenerates their health. And while Void Warlocks can eat their grenade to regenerate their own health, Solar Warlocks can now turn their grenades into Halo-style overshields for anyone to pick up. Your super is just a giant healing pool, created by plunging your fiery sword into the ground like you're Berric Dondarrian.

Hunters kill stuff, and do so stylishly


Nighstalker: Spectral Blades

Through a slip of the tongue in Junior High, I once called a purple ball a "grape flavored" ball during dodgeball and I'm still learning to live with it. A decade later, I'm pleased to report that Nightstalkers are getting grape flavored arcblades. D1's discontinued arc class let players wield knives with faster mobility, and it was as underwhelming as it sounds. This iteration adds invisibility, void damage and artificial grape flavoring. Beyond the super, the Nightstalker's smoke bomb outputs more damage than before. Hitting precision kills grants both invisibility and outlines nearby players, possibly even behind cover. It's not clear what the range is, and I'm genuinely curious because this already sounds overpowered.

Gunslinger: Blade Barrage

In Destiny 1, I prided myself on my knife-throwing skills on console, where I could effortlessly knock most people's heads off at ranges that shouldn't have been legal. They haven't quite translated to anything meaningful in Destiny 2 on PC, where aim assist isn't a thing, knife kills are a good bit harder, and my skills are far closer to average than they were before. The "Way of a Thousand Cuts" seeks to soothe my battered ego by giving me an entire fan of knives to hurl out. One of them is bound to hit someone…eventually. Killing someone with this attack resets the cooldown, so accurate players will have a lot to play with.

So, what kind of Super do you use to follow up something as cool as fiery knives? A metric sh**-ton of explosive knives. I love the smell of solar burn in the morning.

Arcstrider: Whirlwind Guard

Your arcstrider super is still here, along with its ability to mulch anyone in its path. But Hunters are known for their pretty squishy supers, and that can put roaming supers like the Arcstrider in precarious spots. Is that a volley of grenades and rockets toward you? Don't worry about dodging, your staff now deflects damage, sending their bullets, rockets and nades hurtling back to sender. You'll then have tripled damage to clean up any survivors. Avoid getting cut in half by Jedi in training, and make Count Dooku proud.

Those are all the new supers coming to Destiny 2's 'Forsaken' expansion, and if you want to read more about it, you can pick up a copy at of Game Informer at GameStop or just grab the digital copy on Google Play, iTunes or wherever cool kids read books nowadays.

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