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  • Daniel James

Forsaken's Raid Beaten After Grueling, Record Smashing Run that Lasted Nearly 19 Hours

After a brutal run that lasted nearly 19 hours, Team Redeem pushed another World First to the finish line. The spectacular race was a nail-biter, with streamer Ninjjy and his team reaching the final boss around 1 PM PST, victory virtually assured. With the nearest competition in the form of Datto, almost three hours behind, it seemed that we'd see the end of the Raid race within 5 or 6 hours of release.

It would be 19 hours, and over several startling upsets that Clan Redeem, a team that started the final boss several hours behind top competitors would crack the code, and grasp victory once again with iron grasps. In what can only be described as one of the most brutal encounters in Destiny history, Gladd, Sweatcicle and company spent nearly a full day on an encounter that baffled hundreds of players livestreaming.

By the end, the team behind Kingsfall's World First, lead by Broman and Gothalion, had to actually tap out. The Raid had exhausted many. By the end, many raiders and viewers had evaporated, as the United States passed midnight and no victor emerged. The race seemed set between Datto and Ninjjy. But it became quickly apparent that the final boss presented a new level of virtual sadism that had never been seen in a Destiny game before.

A full 14 hours after the final boss was first encountered, the monster was finally slain. For the sake of spoilers, we won't name or describe it. I'd recommend you check out Sweatcicle's YouTube channel if you want to see the whole ordeal once he's got it uploaded.

Bungie confirmed minutes later that Team Redeem had pulled it off. Victory over a Raid that seemed endless, that ground players into dust, swallowed time itself, but wasn't immune to bullets. Like many of the supernatural horrors that plague our Solar System, this seems to be a common weakness. And Team Redeem has cemented its place as the leading exterminator.

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