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OWL: Stage 2 Week 1 Power Rankings

Written by Luke Greenhouse. Stage 2 so far is going better than we even could have imagined. The meta is diverse, Mercy has been subdued, and the only hero not seeing significant playtime is Sym. I can only see it improving from here, with already a new balance patch on the live servers and hero 27 imminent (NEVERMIND: Confirmed just an hour ago to be Brigitte, a new support hero!). Anyway, here's what I think about where the teams are a week in: 1. London Spitfire (8-4) (+/-

Dallas Fuel Picks Up Akm, 'World's Greatest DPS'

Dallas Fuel has added French DPS player Dylan Bignet, or 'Akm,' to their roster. The former Rogue player joins the team as it prepares for stage 2, after a first stage that can't be described as anything less than disastrous. Akm is considered by many to one of the greatest hitscan DPS players, yet missed the Overwatch League's first stage as his prior team Rogue struggled to get its own team in the league. He joins xQC, Seagull and Custa as Fuel players brought in from outsi

Shanghai Dragons Just Signed the League's First Female Player

Photo: Yong Woo 'Kenzi' Kim Confirming previous reports from eSports expert Rod Breslau on ESPN, Shanghai Dragons has officially signed Kim Se-yeon, known online as 'Geguri.' Previous Kotaku and Polygon articles accused Overwatch League teams of sexisms, citing that no one had signed Geguri. Geguri quickly struck back on Twitter saying "I don't want people to use my story as a way to forward their own ideologies." (Translation via ESPN's reporting) The South Korean player was

Overwatch League Adding New Teams, Targeting Asia, EU

OWL Commissioner Nate Nanzer talked league expansion to investors in Activision earnings call. ESPN's Jacob Wolf says expansion is targeting Asia and Europe The Overwatch League has dominated Twitch over the last two months, and Blizzard's latest eSports play has the company eager to expand it to new markets. In today's Activision-Blizzard earnings call, OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer told investors that the league would be expanded, bringing in brand new teams to the competiti

OWL Inaugural Season: Week 4 Power Rankings

Written by Luke Greenhouse. Things are heating up heading into the final week of the stage. 7 teams are vying for a spot in the Stage 1 finals, but only 3 will make it. My money is on the three Korean teams, but honestly anyone of the 7 (Fusion, Valiant, Uprising, Outlaws, Dynasty, NYXL, Spitfire) could make it. Then, after this week we get a week off and then into week 2, with roster additions, new maps, and a new patch! Now, here’s who my money is on heading into this week:

OWL Inaugural Season: Week 3 Power Rankings

Written by Luke Greenhouse. What. A. Week. All three all-Korean teams took an L, and SIX GAMES went to 5 rounds. That’s exactly 50% of games played going down to the last match. I am insanely excited for this next week, as the quality of games just keeps getting better and better. Who will upset and who will triumphantly stomp their opponents this week? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but as it stands now here’s my take on who’s who and who’s good: 1. Seoul Dynasty (Record:

OWL Inaugural Season: Week 2 Power Rankings

Written by Luke Greenhouse. Blizzard’s grand experiment keeps getting better and better. Teams are settling in, match quality is going up, casters are getting better, spectating is improving, and on and on. And (at least on Twitch) viewership has barely dropped. I rarely saw below 145k viewers on twitch this week, even with other games (like LoL and CS:GO) having tournaments at the same time. I personally think the dust hasn’t totally settled yet and we’ll see the viewership

Overwatch League Inaugural Season: Week 1 Power Rankings

Written by Luke Greenhouse. What a week! So far, I think the Overwatch League has outperformed everyone’s expectations. On Wednesday, viewers on the English Twitch channel alone peaked at >441k, and that doesn’t count the streams in other languages or the stream. The team uniforms and spectating experience were all top notch, and the casters and analysts were a joy to watch. Before I get into the power rankings this week, I want to point out something that I found ext

Matchups to Watch: OWL Stage 1 Week 1

Before I jump into the crux of this article, I just wanna say – every single OWL match this week is worth watching. The skill gap between teams is there, but it’s much smaller than one might think. Every team has good players and I think any team has a chance at beating any other team on any given day. So don’t use this list to skip out on watching some matches. They’re all gonna be top notch Overwatch. That said, here’s the matches I think will be especially spicy this first

Overwatch League Inaugural Season: Week 0 Power Rankings

The Overwatch League is not only the future of Overwatch but also paving a way for the future of esports. Every major esports organization and game has their eyes on it, from CS:GO to LoL. It’s legitimized esports as a career path (with good pay and benefits) as an alternative from streaming for a select few so far. It has massive potential, and with the spectating improvements and team uniforms, the pre-season (and the World Cup as well) have been a joy to watch. The regular