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OWL: Stage 2 Week 1 Power Rankings

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Written by Luke Greenhouse.

Stage 2 so far is going better than we even could have imagined. The meta is diverse, Mercy has been subdued, and the only hero not seeing significant playtime is Sym. I can only see it improving from here, with already a new balance patch on the live servers and hero 27 imminent (NEVERMIND: Confirmed just an hour ago to be Brigitte, a new support hero!). Anyway, here's what I think about where the teams are a week in:

1. London Spitfire (8-4) (+/-0)

The Spitfire went to 5 games in both matchups this week and ended up going 1-1. They lost to the red-hot Houston Outlaws, and narrowly beat their rivals the NYXL in a Stage 1 championship rematch. However, I still believe this team is the best in the league. Their depth is incredible, and it will work out for them in the long run. They play the Mayhem and the Fusion this week, and while they Mayhem they should have no problem with, the Fusion pose a challenge for sure.

2. New York Excelsior (10-2) (+/-0)

Coming off a Stage 1 championship loss, the NYXL (as expected) looked good this week. Their main support player, Ark, was injured, but hopefully he’ll be back this week and they’ll be even better. They lost to their rivals, the Spitfire, but it really could have gone either way. They have a tough schedule this week, playing the Uprising and then the Outlaws, who are hot on their heels.

3. Houston Outlaws (9-3) (+/-0)

Houston is a damn good team. There’s no way around it. Much of the Overwatch community is calling them the team to beat right now, and I’m not one to argue. Their tank play especially really shines, and many are calling it the best tank duo in the league. With their recent signing of FCTFCTN, another star tank, they’re just getting scarier. Best team NA? Maybe even best team in OWL. Time will tell, as there’s a lot of games left to play. If they can beat the Fusion and the NYXL this week the Outlaws will be a serious contender for #1 spot in the league.

4. Seoul Dynasty (9-3) (+/-0)

The Dynasty had a good week, but also a weird one. They looked fantastic against the Valiant, putting up a dominant 4-0. However, they looked shaky against the Shock, who should’ve been much less of a challenge for them. Still, they’re adopting to the new meta just fine, and going forward I only see them improving. They play two hot teams this week, the Fuel and the Gladiators, not a walk in the park by any means.

5. Philadelphia Fusion (8-4) (+2)

The Fusion looked fantastic this week. Two solid 4-0s, completely decimated their matchups. Eqo came out of nowhere and sliced through the competition on Genji, sitting Shadowburn on the bench who was previously thought to be the best Genji in the league. This team is on fire so far this stage, but they have one of the toughest schedules of any team this week. First they play the Outlaws, and then the Spitfire. Will they be able to continue their dominant showing?

6. Boston Uprising (6-6) (-1)

The Uprising looked a little shaky this week. Most attribute this to them having a tough time adapting to the new meta, and I agree, but they’re gonna need to figure their problems out quick if they want to keep the playoff dreams alive. They play the NYXL and the Mayhem this week, and they’re gonna have to step up their game all around if they want a chance at beating New York.

7. Los Angeles Valiant (8-4) (-1)

The Valiant also had a pretty shaky week, first getting crushed by the Dynasty and then playing an extremely close match against the Dragons. They’re facing the Fuel this week who are hot on their heels in the power rankings, and it really could go either way if they’re not careful. The Shock I’m not worried about, but middle of the pack is a scary place to be in this league and that’s where the Valiant are now.

8. Dallas Fuel (5-7) (+/-0)

The Fuel looked like a different team this week. Two 3-1’s had them looking better than they’ve ever been, and more like the team we expected at the beginning of the season. AKM was a monster pickup, and the Fuel’s tank play was near flawless this week with the return of xQc, who some pro players are naming the best Reinhardt in the OWL right now. They have a pretty tough schedule this week though, playing Seoul and then the Valiant, but I think they have a chance at beating both if they come out playing their A game again.

9. Los Angeles Gladiators (5-7) (+/-0)

The Gladiators didn’t look awful this week, but they didn’t look fantastic. They rolled the Shock, (not a surprise), but then got rolled in turn by the Fuel. However, Fissure was possibly the best player they could have picked up, and once the team starts to practice with him more and they get more synergy with each other, I expect them to start winning a lot more games. They play the Dynasty and then the Dragons, and they have a chance in both games.

10. San Francisco Shock (3-9) (+/- 0)

The Shock didn’t do as well as some expected coming out of the Mercy meta. They looked awful against the Gladiators, but turned it around and had a surprisingly close match against the Dynasty. Babybay, while incredible when he’s on, is inconsistent, and DhaK is one of the worst supports in the league (though he made some good plays on Ana this week). I’m not sure if Sinatraa and Super will be able to save them when they become eligible later in March.

11. Florida Mayhem (1-11) (+/- 0)

Getting rolled is just a regular day on the job for the Mayhem. These guys can’t catch a break. They looked better than they did in stage 1 this week, but still not great. Hopefully when their new players start playing they’ll see a few wins come in.

12. Shanghai Dragons (0-12) (+/- 0)

The Dragons, while still winless, looked much better this week. You can tell they practice, and I think once their new players start playing they’ll get a W. Could it come early this week against the Shock? I think they have a real shot.

Games start back up today at 4pm Pacific! Follow me @greeny_ow on twitter for my thoughts throughout the week!

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