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  • Daniel James

Shanghai Dragons Just Signed the League's First Female Player

Photo: Yong Woo 'Kenzi' Kim

Confirming previous reports from eSports expert Rod Breslau on ESPN, Shanghai Dragons has officially signed Kim Se-yeon, known online as 'Geguri.'

Previous Kotaku and Polygon articles accused Overwatch League teams of sexisms, citing that no one had signed Geguri. Geguri quickly struck back on Twitter saying "I don't want people to use my story as a way to forward their own ideologies." (Translation via ESPN's reporting)

The South Korean player was a standout from the ROX Orcas squad, and was known for her skill playing Zarya. She was so good, in fact, that she was accused of using an aimbot. As the accusations escalated, and Geguri grew in notoriety, she proved the accusers wrong using a hand camera.

Geguri confirmed last week that she'd accepted an offer from a team, which many speculated to be Shanghai or New York. Shanghai, in particular, seemed a strong candidate. Given their current squad's struggles in Stage 1, it seemed that a roster refresh was imminent.

In addition to Geguri, Shanghai signed Sky, Fearless and Ado. Shanghai will be running a multi-lingual team in both Chinese and Korean, meaning there. This could be a concern for the time, as the language barrier could definitely hamper teamwork.

Shanghai has a long journey of improvement ahead of them, and while the additions to their lineup may help, this may prove to be an additional challenge.

There's no doubt, though, that Geguri's addition has the potential to be a massive benefit to the Shanghai Dragons. She's sure to be the first of many excellent female Overwatch League players to come.