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  • Daniel James

OWL Inaugural Season: Week 4 Power Rankings

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Written by Luke Greenhouse.

Things are heating up heading into the final week of the stage. 7 teams are vying for a spot in the Stage 1 finals, but only 3 will make it. My money is on the three Korean teams, but honestly anyone of the 7 (Fusion, Valiant, Uprising, Outlaws, Dynasty, NYXL, Spitfire) could make it. Then, after this week we get a week off and then into week 2, with roster additions, new maps, and a new patch! Now, here’s who my money is on heading into this week:

1. New York Excelsior (7-1) (+1)

​The new kings and my favorites to win the stage, the NYXL reign supreme. They had an easy schedule this last week, and I think we’re gonna get to see them play the Spitfire twice on Saturday. If Sabyeolbe keeps doing his thing, this team could win it all.

2. London Spitfire (7-1) (+1)

Not even dropping a MAP this week, these guys are something else. They 4-0’d the Dynasty, my previous #1 team. They play this week right and they could take down the NYXL and ride into stage 2 the true kings of the league.

3. Seoul Dynasty (6-2) (-2)

Seoul took a tumble this week, and almost lost both of their games. If not for Zunba’s Zarya on the tiebreaker map this week, I think they might have taken 2 losses. But they clutched it out. They have a somewhat easy schedule this week vs the Valiant and then the Shock, and I think they’re more than capable of beating both of them.

4. Houston Outlaws (5-3) (+/- 0)

Best team NA, even without Linkzr. They had two incredible close games this week, even though one of their star players was out. If Linkzr had not been sick, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Outlaws would be heavily favored to make the stage 1 playoffs. However, if stuff goes their way they still have a chance. They play the Spitfire and the Uprising this week, not an easy schedule by any means.

5. Boston Uprising (5-3) (+2)

The Uprising are rising up. They had a perfect week, two 4-0s, and no one expected this roster to do as good as they’re doing. If they manage to beat the Outlaws this week, they’re the top non Korean team for sure.

6. Los Angeles Valiant (5-3) (+/- 0)

​A 4-0 and an 0-4 for the Valiant this week, watching their games was a rollercoaster of emotions. They’re still in playoff contention of course, but I can no longer call them best in the west. They play Seoul Wednesday and the Dragons on Friday, an interesting schedule.

7. Philadelphia Fusion (5-3) (-3)

​Just like LA, an 0-4 and a 4-0. The Fusion still looked great, and Shadowburn and Carpe are an unreal DPS combo. If they play it right they can beat the Uprising this week, but it’s not gonna be easy. They mayhem, on the other hand, I’m sure they’ll have no problem with.

8. Los Angeles Gladiators (3-5) (+/- 0)

The Gladiators looked about the same this week as they did the week before. They dropped a map to the Mayhem, an embarrassing instance, before getting 4-0’d by the Uprising. They have a chance to bounce back this week vs the Shock and then the Fuel, two teams that I’m certain they are superior to.

9. Dallas Fuel (1-7) (+/- 0)

​The Fuel didn’t win a game, but they did manage to take a map off the kings, NYXL. I think they are slowly but steadily improving. Stage 2 will be better for them, adding AKM and xQc coming off the bench. They’re very capable of winning both their games this week, one against the Dragons and the other against the Gladiators.

10. San Francisco Shock (3-5) (+/- 0)

​The Shock are getting better, slowly but surely. They took a map off the Outlaws and 4-0’d the Mayhem. Dhak is still the worst mercy in the league though. However, I think this is the team that will improve the most in stage 2. The Mercy meta is affecting them the most out of any team, and with the addition of Sinatraaa at the end of the next stage they’re poised to rise up in the rankings a bit.

11. Florida Mayhem (1-7) (+/- 0)

What can I say. The Mayhem are adding a few players for stage 2, but I’m not convinced it’s gonna do anything. They looked awful this week, especially against the Shock. Hopefully something clicks for them and they start winning some games.​

12. Shanghai Dragons (0-8) (+/- 0)

The Dragons, while still the worst, are also improving. They have a few new players coming their way in stage 2 as well, which hopefully will secure some W’s for them. However, their odds of picking up a win this week are next to zero.

Thanks for checking in guys! I’m hyped not only for this week and the Stage 1 finals, but also for the next patch and meta shift come Stage 2. Follow me @greeny_ow on twitter for my thoughts while games are live, and see you all at 4pm PST Wednesday on Twitch and MLG!

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