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Trials Cancelled and No Festival of The Lost

Guardians itching to take up arms for Trials of the Nine, are going to have to wait…three weeks. After the discovery that a certain emote allows players to glitch through walls, Bungie announced in their weekly update, Thursday, that the next two weeks of Trials have been cancelled. This comes on the tail of the game's Prestige Raid being delaying nearly two weeks after players found a way to cheese the final boss encounter. By the time it launched, the cheese remained comple

You Need to be Playing Trials of the Nine this Week.

Trials of The Nine launches today and millions of Guardians will head to the Crucible ready for the game's premiere PvP experience. For many, this is an exciting beginning to the endgame. For others, though, it's a daunting challenge. But for all the reasons to hesitate, I can't emphasize enough: playing Trials, at least this week, is an essential experience. I get it. Trials of Osiris may not have been your thing. Or the Crucible has never been your cup of tea to begin with