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  • Daniel James

Trials Cancelled and No Festival of The Lost

Guardians itching to take up arms for Trials of the Nine, are going to have to wait…three weeks. After the discovery that a certain emote allows players to glitch through walls, Bungie announced in their weekly update, Thursday, that the next two weeks of Trials have been cancelled.

This comes on the tail of the game's Prestige Raid being delaying nearly two weeks after players found a way to cheese the final boss encounter. By the time it launched, the cheese remained completely unpatched.

With Destiny 2 currently under fire from fans and YouTubers, for what they describe as a "shallow" end-game, the respective delay and loss of two major end-game activities isn't going over well.

Datto speculated on Twitter that the issue could be worse than Bungie let on, saying,

"I feel like if removing the emote that is causing issues was easier than disabling Trials for 2 weeks, they woulda done that. It's probably multiple emotes or multiple issues that need solving, not just the one."

Additionally, Destiny's annual Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, has been seemingly scrubbed from the game. Despite being canon within the Destiny universe, it appears that Bungie will no long host the live event. With the first of the year's Live Events possibly cancelled, it remains uncertain whether past seasonal events such as The Dawning, Crimson Days, or Sparrow Racing League will return.

Regardless, we can't wait to figure out what Bungie does have planned, and with Destiny 2 being described as a "fresh start" by the studio, we have no doubt, they've got similarly exciting events up their sleeves.

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