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What to Expect from Sony at E3 | E3 Pregame

Sony's had a fantastic run this generation, entering with strong momentum across both hardware and first-party exclusive sales. But at the tail end of the console generation, Sony has seemingly no intention of slowing down. The company's signature "Third-person-cinematic" style has reaped huge rewards, not as a formula, but for the exact opposite reason: its versatility. Just over the last few months, we've seen God of War and Detroit: Become Human come from this style as vas

What to Expect from Microsoft at E3 | E3 Pregaming

Microsoft is entering E3 in a better position than usual. The company promises the “biggest” E3 showing to date, and there are a lot of things they could do to earn that title. Foremost among them is something the Xbox has been sorely lacking in: games. This isn’t the year to be worried about, though, if rumors are to be believed. We’re on the tail end of the console generation, with Sony executives telling investors that the PS4 is in the last stage of its lifespan. Xbox has

Destiny 2 E3 Demo Hits 3 Minutes

Many games appeared at E3, but few were as anticipated as Destiny 2. While wandering the South and West Halls, I saw scores of Age of Triumph shirts—by my count, it was the most popular shirt at the convention. Then, I tried to play Destiny 2 at the Nvidia Booth. Because it was so anticipated, Destiny 2 was playable at three separate booths, rather than the single one most games get. Nonetheless, each of these three lines were the longest to be found. I made the mistake of st

BioWare's Anthem Reveal is a Gorgeous Bowl of Nothing

EA opened the Olympic procession of E3 Press Conferences with a tease of Bioware’s upcoming RPG. The acclaimed creators of the original Mass Effect trilogy were long-rumored to be crafting a new, “next-gen” IP. While the newborn Montreal studio worked on the maligned Mass Effect Andromeda, the original team prepared what was presented at the Xbox Show: Anthem. The player enters the scene, out from behind the camera, walking into a crowded, dusty marketplace. As she pushes pas

Destiny 2 and the Impossible E3 Burden

Bungie’s no stranger to impossible odds. Since “Halo” launched alongside Microsoft’s first game console, their rise through the industry made them both blockbuster and pioneer—two designations that rarely accompany each other now. With each new entry into the Halo franchise, they fed a rapidly swelling fanbase and exceeded each new set of accolades from reviewers. Bungie dragged the industry forward with it, and when the industry hit a lull, so did Bungie. With the launch of

Destiny 2 Play Areas and Where to Find Them

In the latest “This Week at Bungie,” Bungie gave us a more detailed rundown of what to expect at E3. Attendees will be able to get their hands on Destiny 2 at not one, not two—but three booths. Despite the swelling anticipation for Scorpio, none of the three booths will feature the newest Xbox, or any Xbox for that matter. Activision (#1001) –PS4 Pro PlayStation (#4322) –PS4 Pro NVIDIA (#5230) –Windows 10 Additionally, between 12 AM to 3 PM, there will be an “Inside Bungie” p

What to Expect at Destiny 2's E3 Booth

In the weekly (and late) “This Week at Bungie” post, Deej summarized what E3 attendees can expect at Bungie’s E3 booth. Destiny 2 is a giant among the franchises that will appear in LA over the week. “This week at Bungie, we’re California dreaming. “In a couple of weeks, we’ll be at E3. We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve sent Bungie Away Teams to brave the crowd at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year will mar the fifth time we’ve entered the fray with some Dest