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  • Daniel James

Destiny 2 E3 Demo Hits 3 Minutes

Nvidia Booth Destiny 2

Many games appeared at E3, but few were as anticipated as Destiny 2. While wandering the South and West Halls, I saw scores of Age of Triumph shirts—by my count, it was the most popular shirt at the convention. Then, I tried to play Destiny 2 at the Nvidia Booth.

Because it was so anticipated, Destiny 2 was playable at three separate booths, rather than the single one most games get. Nonetheless, each of these three lines were the longest to be found. I made the mistake of starting my day at the panels—watching God of War and Bungie dev panels.

By the time I returned to the West Hall, I immediately realized my grievous mistake. Nvidia had the shortest Destiny 2—as I’d anticipated—but what I didn’t anticipate was that the line wrapped around all four sides of the massive booth. I estimated over 300 players were waiting for a chance to play the 20 minute demo, meaning that it would take at least four hours for this line to clear. There were three of these lines.

In fact, according the PC Gamer, the lines filled so rapidly that they were closed just 3 minutes after E3 door. E3 lines can be long, sure, but filling this fast is nothing short of insane. Nvidia, in particular, brought this on itself, releasing salivating 4K 60fps footage the night before.

At E3, Destiny 2 revealed itself king. We’ve known that its preorders were great, but if this is any measure, Destiny 2’s sales should approach record-breaking numbers.

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