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  • Daniel James

The End is Nigh: Say Goodbye to the Destiny Universe

In a recent article, I talked about Destiny's dying world and how I perceived this soft-reboot of Destiny's universe. What I didn't perceive, missed in my immediate excitement with story analysis, was that the End is Nigh.

Just after writing that article, I completed The Raid and went flawless in Trials. I was introduced to two wonderful new characters: Benedict-44 and The Emissary. And in conversing with these two fine souls, I was greeted with the following uplifting phrases:

"Emperor Calus has seen the End" -Benedict-44

"Come see the End...Here at the End, there is no mercy...The End is here....Will you wait for the End, or make your own...Endings mark new beginnings" -The Emissary

In the aforementioned article, I claimed that: Destiny's world is dying, and the Nine and Calus are actively testing warriors to survive. I may have underestimated both the severity and the timeline of our doom. It seems the Apocalypse is truly at hand.

So I'm going to re-contextualize some of the statements previously presented, and talk about what this means.

In their dialogue with The Leviathan (no, not the Raid Leviathan), Savathun, Oryx and Xivu Arath are told that The Light fuels civilization and The Darkness fuels only destruction and violence. This ultimately fails to dissuade them, and they free the Worm gods, pledge eternal servitude and begin their world tour of galactic genocide.

Now, we've previously posed that The Traveler represents the creation of life, technology and progress. The Leviathan claims The Light creates civilization. But for The Darkness to be the antithesis, there has to be an endpoint. The Hive's goal in serving The Darkness is to survive The End, and stand triumphant.

So the entire purpose of The Darkness is structured around an "end" existing. But now we have confirmation within the universe that an "End" is coming.

Not only that, but The Light is the only solution. The Emissary refers to us as "Lights," and asks "is their [our] Light enough?"

So the Light is the key to solving "The End" or surviving it. But The Traveler is still (kinda) asleep (apparently). Now, I have a personal theory that The Light comes from The Sky. This isn't a theory I have time to fully flesh out here, but here's a TL;DR:

We know The Sky is the opposite of The Deep and the forces of The Darkness commune with The Deep. So I've long suspected The Light comes from The Sky. In the Books of Sorrow, the Traveler escapes from The Hive by escaping through a black hole. It creates a massive leak of Light called a "Mast of Light" that Oryx and his sisters feed on.

It's not a huge stretch to believe that The Traveler escaped into 'The Sky,' but it's also nonessential to this discussion.

Anyhow, the Light is essential, we're its chosen warriors and the rest of the universe is apparently dependent on our power. So we're being tested. Will we hold up? Of course we will. The entire universe is at stake.

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