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  • Daniel James

Something Crazy Happened to the Sun in Destiny 2

Imgur | Reddit User: KFC_just

This may end up being a spoiler. It may not be. It’s interesting as hell, but if you’re the type of person who skips trailers so you can enjoy the movie, this post probably isn’t for you. But this is:


One of the most shocking images from the new Gameplay reveal was one where a dual-pronged device approached what looked like a star, that promptly exploded. This is notably bonkers considering the entirety of Destiny, and of Destiny 2’s known map---takes place entirely within our Solar System. Our Solar System has only one star: The Sun. If that blows, our whole mess of planets is reduced to a swirly mess of marbles. The entire orbital system, free of gravity, is hurled into to the far reaches of space, propelled by endless velocity.

Even crazier—there are two stars prior to this explosion. Two stars. One Solar System. I’m worried sick waiting to see how Bungie explains this. Not just the astronomical logistics, but the survivability. Turning our sun into a binary system would screw with our gravity in ways that seem about as safe as a back-alley organ transplant.

My general lack of science learning as such holding my feeble mind back from meaningful speculation. Journalists know how to read, how to write…and that’s about it. But the internet fulfills its sole purpose here: connecting people who don’t know what to think with people who purportedly know what they’re talking about. I found exactly that on Reddit:

Reddit user KFC_just posted an extremely scientific look at what he considers to be the Cabal’s evil master plan. Here it is:

The Cabal are constructing a binary star system inside Sol by ejecting mass from the sun onto Mercury or other planetoid, containing it inside a magenetosphere until it can build in size and mass; and then letting it wobble its way into a stellar collision generating gigantic gravitational waves to scrunch up all the matter in the system, depending on how much energy the oscillations create; and failing that, burn it all when the collision and violent recombination of the magnetic field lines collapses the suns and they go supernova.

Full post, with evidence and full scientific speculation: here:

Find a theory cooler than that. I dare you.

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