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  • Daniel James

Reddit: Bungie is Extending Age of Triumph Shirt Redemption Period

Destiny's Age of Triumph | Bungie

The Age of Triumph shirt is a prestigious item that many players worked pretty hard to get. It’s a statement of commitment to the game, something many of us have sent hundreds, if not thousands of hours. It’s a great item that commemorates three years of achievements.

Unfortunately, players who missed the August 1st deadline were denied codes. Even players who beat the deadline for the Record Book were unable to enter their codes to redeem the shirts. With many players having entered the game in Year 2, or even Year 3, it was significantly harder for them to achieve the shirts, pushing them towards finishing late.

So it happens that some gamers found themselves with the achievement—and the accompanying thrill of accomplishment—but not shirt.

But in a Reddit post currently trending on r/DtG , it appears that Bungie has extended the redemption date until August 31st. So if you have a code, and haven’t redeemed it, this is your chance. Keep in mind, the actual Age of Triumph book has not been extended (to my knowledge). As far as I understand, this is only an additional period of time to redeem codes earned within the previous deadline.

To redeem your code:

Enter your profile—under ‘My Legend—' where you’ll find an Age of Triumph banner on the right side of the screen. Click this, and you’ll be shown your code (if you’ve earned one). Copy+Paste it. Then head to the Bungie Store, add the shirt to your cart and enter the code at checkout. Your shirt will come to around $35 USD and an invaluable and timeless commemoration of your accomplishments.

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