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  • Daniel James

Popular Lore Master Discovered a Hidden Morse Code Message on The Farm

The Farm | Bungie

Popular Destiny Lore Master, My Name is Byf, has uncovered what appears to be Destiny 2's first ARG. Fans of Bungie will remember the studio's fondness for such activities, from Halo's "I Love Bees" campaign to the coded puzzle for Outbreak Prime.

On Sunday, Destiny 2's new social space was briefly opened for an hour. While most of us jumped between rooftops and played soccer, Byf and his posse recorded every minutia of the experience. Vain curiosity, you say? Not quite.

Byf discovered Morse Code, repeated in the space. And he goes through a series of potential solutions, and what they could mean.

But I'm neither a scholar nor a Lore Master, so I'll let him show you his findings.

His full video here:

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