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  • Daniel James

Phobos Could be Coming to Destiny 2, Possible Future Story Found in Gamefiles

After digging through the gamefiles, Reddit user TheEcumene discovered evidence that upcoming Destiny 2 content may involve the moon, Phobos. Audio from faction vendors had them congratulating players on their missions in the location.

Phobos was last seen in The Taken King, where the Skyburners were attacked by The Taken, introducing the Taken War conflict. With the Red War winding down, the former Cabal base could be a relevant location.

Here are excerpts from the Reddit post, if you're okay with spoilers, possibly from the DLC


Seriously, don't read further unless you're seriously okay with potential story points being revealed. Some of them have consequences for the game world/lore.


"A quick little list of what this actually contains;

  • Voice lines about new worlds; Ganymede & The Myriad.

  • Voice lines about Destiny 1 patrol zones; Venus, Mars, Dreadnaught, Old Russia

  • Phobos and Mercury are also talked about, with Phobos hinted as a new Patrol zone.

  • Cayde-6 dies! FWC and NM have lines mentioning his death and “what comes after”. EDIT: Apparently these are in-game, so I suppose scrapped? How odd that they exist but mean nothing.

  • Shiro is on Mercury and Osiris comes to the Tower once again!

  • All Destiny 1 events will return, along with new ones. I mean things like Crimson Days, Festival of the Lost (next year), SRL, etc... Not Queen's Wrath or anything.

  • The Reef and Prison of Elders, along with Petra and Variks, are mentioned. Seems like you can go back!

  • SRL returns, along with Marcus Ren.

  • Black Garden and the Vault of Glass are mentioned; perhaps a trip back?"

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