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  • Daniel James

OWL Inaugural Season: Week 5 Power Rankings

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Written by Luke Greenhouse.

I, for one, enjoyed the Overwatch League’s debut more than I ever thought I would. We saw some stellar play all across the board, with not only major upsets and surprising rises to dominance, but also teams who totally dropped the ball. And it ony gets better from here. New maps, new meta, new players, better spectating, hotter games. Stage 2 starts today, and I’m on the edge of my seat already. Here’s my take on where the teams are at to start OWL’s next chapter:

1. London Spitfire (7-3) (+1)

With a reverse sweep to win the finals, the Spitfire reign supreme. Their depth of their bench is incredible, and their DPS especially are probably the best in the league. I expect them to keep it up this next stage, though some teams may rise to challenge them further with the Mercy meta out the door. This is really the team to watch this week, as they play both the Outlaws and the NYXL on back to back days

2. New York Excelsior (9-1) (-1)

Another stellar team, they were just a map away from winning stage 1 but couldn’t get it done. This is one of the few teams I think won’t be affected too much by the mercy meta leaving, as ark was probably the best mercy in the Overwatch League during stage 1. However, they’ve got a newfound rivalry with the Spitfire, and expect them top be changing in and out of the 1 and 2 spots this whole stage.

3. Houston Outlaws (7-3) (+1)

Best Jakerat NA carried them to the stage 1 playoffs, but they couldn’t go all the way. However, I expect this team to continue to dominate Stage 2, especially with the addition of FCTFCTN. Their skills will be put to the test this week against the Spitfire, stage 1 champions, and the Uprising who they narrowly beat to get into the playoffs.

4. Seoul Dynasty (7-3) (-1)

If any team is going to improve with Mercy gone, it’s the Dynasty. They had their share of troubles Stage 1, really seeming to fall apart near the end of the stage. However, they’re still a stellar squad, and Ryujehong’s Ana is the best in the world. I expect them to take out the Valiant and the Shock no problem this week (though the Shock gave them trouble last game).

5. Boston Uprising (6-4) (+/- 0)

The stage 1 sleepers, the Uprising almost made the playoffs after being written off entirely by most when the season started. These guys shocked everyone with their performance, dominating the opposition and getting better and better every match they played. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in contention for the stage playoffs this time around as well.

6. Los Angeles Valiant (7-3) (+/- 0)

The Valiant fell just short of the playoffs. However, they put on a good show stage 1 and they’re set to continue that trend Stage 2. These guys are playoff contenders, let’s hope they can finish it out. Tracer is still meta, a soOn is still the master of backcaps. Watch out for the green and gold from LA.

7. Philadelphia Fusion (6-4) (+/- 0)

No one knew what to expect from the Fusion starting the season, but they performed admirably if somewhat inconsistently. Hopefully they’ll be able to lock that down this stage, not letting the Dragons get them to a tiebreaker again. Carpe and Shadowburn have proven time and time again to be one of the best DPS duos in the league, let’s hope the rest of the Philly squad can back them up.

8. Dallas Fuel (3-7) (+1)

The Fuel disappointed this stage for sure, but I have high hopes for them stage 2. The return of xQc and the addition of aKm will be a nice breath of fresh air for them, and now that the moth is dead their supports will really be able to shine. They’re also rumored to be getting Rascal from the London Spitfire. If this team can get its comms in order, they can rise up back to top 4 or 5.

9. Los Angeles Gladiators (4-6) (-1)

The Gladiators aren’t bad. But they could be doing better. The addition of Fissure will be a great help to them, and maybe help solidify their dive instead of relying on Surefour to carry with Bastion. I’m looking forward to more innovative comps with this team, especially since they had the most doomfist play of anybody in Stage 1. The Gladiators have potential, now they need to live up to it.

10. San Francisco Shock (3-7) (+/- 0)

The Shock didn’t do so well this last stage. However, I think this team will benefit most from the meta change, as DhaK is undoubtedly the worst mercy this side of the Shanghai dragons. SF also has both Sinatraa and Super becoming eligible in March, a welcome boost to their roster. Finger crossed NRG’s boys can improve a couple rankings this stage.

11. Florida Mayhem (1-9) (+/- 0)

The Mayhem were pretty active in this short off week, picking up three new players and an assistant coach. Hopefully it will be enough to get them out of 11th place, where they’ve sat a little too comfortably since the season started.

12. Shanghai Dragons (0-10) (+/- 0)

The only team to not win a game, the Dragons disappointed everyone during stage 1. But they were improving, and they picked up 4 additional players last week including Geguri, the Overwatch League’s first female competitor. The Dragons have a shot this stage. The first win is coming.

Stage 2 is here. The Moth is dead. Tune in today at 4PM PST to see the Dynasty and the Valiant kick off a new era of Overwatch League, and follow me on Twitter @greeny_ow for live updates. Let’s get this show on the road.