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OWL Inaugural Season: Week 3 Power Rankings

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Written by Luke Greenhouse.

What. A. Week. All three all-Korean teams took an L, and SIX GAMES went to 5 rounds. That’s exactly 50% of games played going down to the last match. I am insanely excited for this next week, as the quality of games just keeps getting better and better. Who will upset and who will triumphantly stomp their opponents this week? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but as it stands now here’s my take on who’s who and who’s good:

1. Seoul Dynasty (Record: 5-1) (Movement: +/- 0)

They were finally toppled, but it was so close. As I said at the beginning of the season, any team can beat any other team on any day, and that’s what happened this week as the Dynasty were felled by the NYXL. However, they’re still the best in the league no doubt in my mind. They didn’t seem as invincible this week, and they have a real challenge this next week going up against the Spitfire and the Outlaws. Still, I doubt they’ll lose again for a while.

2. New York Excelsior (Record: 5-1) (Movement: +/- 0)

The NYXL had a very interesting week. First, they got beat in a nail biter game 5 vs the Phusion, taking their first loss. They, did exactly the opposite to Seoul with a 3-2 win. I’m not gonna say they’re better than the Dynasty just yet, but they’re close for sure. Sabyeolbe is an insane tracer, probably the best one in the league. That alone puts them in contention for top spot. They have an easier schedule this week, playing Shanghai and then the Fuel, but like I said, any game can go any way.

3. London Spitfire (Record: 5-1) (Movement: +/- 0)

The 12 man strong Spitfire were the third team to receive their first loss this week, and to none other than the Uprising. Besides that, they had a nice stomp vs the Shock, and Profit and birdring continued to dominate. They go up against the Dragons and Seoul this week. Will they be able to take down the top dog?

4. Philadelphia Fusion (Record: 4-2) (Movement: +3)

What a week for the Fusion. First, they barely beat the NYXL, an incredible feat, and then they barely beat the laughingstock that is Shanghai. Carpe and ShaDowBurn are my personal pick for top DPS in the league, and the Genji/Tracer combo they run is practically unbeatable when played correctly. These guys look extremely good coming into this week.

5. Houston Outlaws (Record: 4-2) (Movement: +/- 0)

Currently on a 4 game 4-0 streak, the Outlaws looked great this week. They might be able to extend that to 5 vs the Shock, but I highly doubt they’ll be able to beat Seoul. However, if J LUL KE and LiNkzr play as good as they did this week, they might just have a chance. The gap between the West and the Koreans is closing faster than ever.

6. Los Angeles Valiant (Record: 4-2) (Movement: -2)

The Valiant had a good week, and their game against the Gladiators was one for the ages. SoOn on Tracer is unstoppable and is probably second to only Sabyeolbe. This team plays fantastically together and is one of the best teams synergy wise in the League which is extremely important. Their game against the Fusion this Wednesday is sure to excite, and I think the Uprising will give them a run for their money on Saturday.

7. Boston Uprising (Record: 3-3) (Movement: +3)

I think everyone has been sleeping on this team, myself included. They managed to 3-2 both the Fuel and the Spitfire this week, no small feat. Dreamkazper is probably one of the most flexible players in the league, with an astoundingly large hero pool. Their games this week are set to be extra spicy, playing both LA teams. I think Boston has a good chance to beat both teams.

8. Los Angeles Gladiators (Record: 2-4) (Movement: -2)

The Gladiators had a bit of a sad week, first barely losing to the Valiant before getting stomped 0-4 by the Outlaws. Surefour and Hydration can only carry so hard. One thing I really like about this team is their willingness to try wacky comps usually involving a Doomfist. Their games are always interesting to watch. Hopefully they can bounce back this week against the Mayhem (LUL) and the Uprising (more of a challenge).

9. Dallas Fuel (Record: 1-5) (Movement: -1)

Poor Fuel. First they lose xQc, then two of their members were sick this week. But, something worked, as they managed to finally get a win vs the Shock, even though they narrowly lost to the Uprising. I think this team is finally hitting its groove, and I think we’ll start to see improvements in the coming weeks and especially in stage 2 with their signing of AKM, a monster pickup.

10. San Francisco Shock (Record: 2-4) (Movement: -1)

The Shock didn’t win a game this week, but even with that I think they looked pretty good, and I think improvement is in their future as well. They took a map off the Spitfire, but fell to the Fuel later in the week. Babybay looked fantastic as always, and Danteh wasn’t too shabby either. The number 1 problem with this team is DhaK. The guy can’t play Mercy to save his life (or his teammate’s lives, for that matter). Come stage 2, with Mercy nerfs and additional players, I expect the Shock to shoot back up to middle of the pack. They play the Outlaws and the Mayhem this week, near top and near bottom of the power ranking, and they’ll make for some interesting games.

11. Florida Mayhem (Record: 1-5) (Movement: +/- 0)

I actually have an incredible amount of fun watching this team. They’re hilarious, and another team willing to try wacky stuff. But again, they can’t catch a break. They just don’t seem to be quite the same caliber as the rest of the league. Hopefully they pick someone up so they can be a little better come stage 2, but for now they’re made a place for themselves in the 11 spot. Hopefully they’ll be able to contend with the Gladiators this week, and maybe even get a win off the Shock.

12. Shanghai Dragons (Record: 0-6) (Movement: +/- 0)

I haven’t had much to say about the Dragons previously, but they looked so much better this week. They did the unthinkable and took a map off of the Dynasty, and then almost won a game against the Fusion, the team who beat NYXL. They have a tough schedule this week, facing the #2 and #3 teams, but I’m so excited to see this team improving and bringing some actual competition to their games.

The games this next week are shaping up to be hype to the max. The quality of games is steadily improving, and the skill gap between all teams is getting smaller and smaller. And with the big 3 Korean teams all taking a hit this last week, it seems like anything is possible. See you all live Wednesday at 4pm PST.

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