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OWL Inaugural Season: Week 2 Power Rankings

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Courtesy of Blizzard

Written by Luke Greenhouse.

Blizzard’s grand experiment keeps getting better and better. Teams are settling in, match quality is going up, casters are getting better, spectating is improving, and on and on. And (at least on Twitch) viewership has barely dropped. I rarely saw below 145k viewers on twitch this week, even with other games (like LoL and CS:GO) having tournaments at the same time. I personally think the dust hasn’t totally settled yet and we’ll see the viewership drop a little more, but even now I think it is better than anyone expected.

The Overwatch League is really starting to feel like a professional sports league, with players and teams shit talking each other on the daily and having fun with it (with the exception of an unsportsmanlike showing from xQc). Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how the league is going, and I’m so excited for the direction it is heading. That said, here’s where I think the teams rank this week:

Courtesy of Blizzard

1. Seoul Dynasty (Record: 4-0) [Movement: +/- 0]

I barely need to say anything. This team didn’t even drop a map this last week. This week, however, they have an easy game against the Dragons and then a challenge with the NYXL. It’ll be a close one, as I personally think the NYXL are one of the only teams that will be a legitimate challenge to the Dynasty.

2. New York Excelsior (Record: 4-0) [Movement: +/- 0]

Another standout team, the NYXL are a force to be reckoned with. Pine, Sabyeolbe, and Jjonak especially are having incredible runs, and I think Sabyeolbe is possibly the best Tracer in the league. You won’t want to miss their match against the Dynasty this week.

3. London Spitfire (Record: 4-0) [Movement: +/- 0]

You can’t go wrong with an all-Korean roster. But while the Spitfire won both of their matches this week, they weren’t perfect. The Valiant almost took them down, and the Fuel took a map off them. Still, birdring is an absolute monster, and carried his team vs the Valiant in their game 5 tiebreaker. They have an easy schedule this week against the Shock and then the Uprising, and I expect them to do very well.

4. Los Angeles Valiant (Record: 2-2) [Movement: +/- 0]

The supposed best team the west has to offer, the Valiant did extremely well this week despite losing both of their games. They almost took down the Spitfire and managed to take a map off the NYXL. SoOn is a monster, and he’s neck and neck with Sabyeolbe for my personal top tracer in the League. They’ll do just fine against the Mayhem later this week, but their match against the Gladiators could get dicey if they don’t show up with their A-game.

5. Houston Outlaws (Record: 2-2) [Movement: +1]

The Outlaws dominated this week, and didn’t drop a single map. They completely dismantled the Fuel, one of their main rivals, and looked miles better than they did the previous week. The Gladiators could give them trouble this week, but I’m just happy Houston is finally coming together.

Courtesy of Blizzard

6. Los Angeles Gladiators (Record: 2-2) [Movement: +2]

While the Gladiators got 4-0’s by the NXYL this week, they managed to get in a reverse sweep on the Fusion, coming back from a 0-2 deficit. Surefour’s flexibility is an amazing asset to this team, and I love the unique comps this team is able to run with Hydration’s Doomfist. They have a tough schedule this week, but if played correctly I think they have a fighting chance in both games.

Courtesy of Blizzard

7. Philadelphia Fusion (Record: 2-2) [Movement: -2]

The Fusion didn’t look as great as they did last week. This is strange, as they definitely got more practice in, but something didn’t click. They narrowly beat the Shock, a team they are better than, and then got reverse swept by the Gladiators, playing the tiebreaker on full tilt. Still, Carpe and ShaDowBurn are an incredible DPS duo, and Poko’s self-destructs never cease to amaze me. They have an easy game against the Dragons, and then a tough match against the NYXL this week.

Courtesy of Blizzard

8. Dallas Fuel (Record: 0-4) [Movement: -2]

The Fuel have issues. They have the potential to be the best team in the west, and I have no doubt that they won’t be down here for long. However, for now they’re here. Their team coordination isn’t there yet, and they are subbing way too much. They’re trying too many things, they need to figure out what works and then stick with it. I think they’ll be able to take down both the Shock and the Uprising this week, but if they look like they did last week it could be close.

Courtesy of Blizzard

9. San Francisco Shock (Record: 2-2) [Movement: +/- 0]

The Shock, while not moving much in my power rankings this week, get the most improved award. They looked much better than they did last week, and had a close game against the Fusion and then a thrilling game vs the Uprising. Babybay was popping off, and I can’t wait to see how this team improves in March with the addition of Sinatraa and Super. They’ve got a tough schedule this week though, going against the Spitfire and then the Fuel.

10. Boston Uprising (Record: 1-3) [Movement: +/- 0]

The Uprising, while they didn’t look bad, just couldn’t catch a break this week. They got stomped by Seoul and then narrowly lost to the Shock. They looked great though, and Dreamkazper in particular has an incredibly deep hero pool, surprising everybody with some great play vs the Shock for someone who normally doesn’t play tank. They have another tough week this week, playing the Spitfire and then attempting to take down the Fuel.

Courtesy of Blizzard

11. Florida Mayhem (Record: 1-3) [Movement: +/- 0]

They may not be a great team, but at least they have great memes. Seriously, Florida always has some wacky entrance dance or something before sitting down and disappointing all their fans. The Mayhem are just a bit below everyone else. I hope they can improve this season, but so far the only team they’ve been able to hold their own against are the Dragons.

12. Shanghai Dragons (Record: 0-4) [Movement: +/- 0]

Poor China. When your team can’t even take a map off the Mayhem you know you’re bad. This week they put out a statement claiming that they were going to work at getting better, but honestly I don’t think there’s any way they move out of the #12 spot for the rest of the season. 0-40 here we come.

Courtesy of Blizzard

Thanks for tuning in! We have another set of exciting games this week, and I for one will be watching as many as I can. Follow me on Twitter @greeny_ow for my thoughts play by play. See you right back here next week!

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