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  • Daniel James

New Monarchy Might be Leading the Faction a Lot

(11/11/17 Update: New stats have been added from Charlemagne.)

It's a good day to be red and gold.

With Faction Wars having kicked off yesterday, players rushed to bring glory to their respective fashions, with offerings of tokens. Dead Orbit, the reigning victor, faced off against the renewed zealotry of Future War Cult and New Monarchy.

Personally, I went with Future War Cult, mostly for the guns, but also because I'd gone New Monarchy last Faction Rally. In general, I found FWC to have the strongest offering, an opinion that was shared by Bungie employees on Twitter.

Surprise, then, as the wildly popular Discord bot, Charlemagne, reported that New Monarchy, is very probably, leading Faction Wars…and it might not be close.

Image via Twitter: @Charlemagne_Bot

Image via Twitter: @Charlemagne_Bot

For those unaware, or new to Destiny, Charlemagne is a Discord bot that rose to popularity during Rise of Iron. With simple commands, it can display your Raid, Trials and PvP stats, perform LFG for you, and even build and change your loadouts. It's proved an invaluable tool to thousands of Guardians.

As a result, Charlemagne has access to statistics regarding token collection. According to the bot's Twitter, its users are heavily favoring New Monarchy.

Now, it's important to note what these stats actually mean.

The numbers are not of all Destiny players, just ones using Discord. But, using basic statistic analysis, we can deduct a few things with a few premises:

Charlemagne users are not inherently attached to any specific faction. New Monarchy users are not more likely to use Discord than Future War Cult or Dead Orbit users.

The numbers of each faction's rally totals have been very proportionate over a long period of time. With different players logging in and out across the day, players consistently picked New Monarchy over the other two at roughly the same frequency. Further, the gap between all three is very consistent over time.

An earlier screenshot from the bot's Twitter

An earlier screenshot from the bot's Twitter

Granted, the sample numbers are of only a few thousand Guardians, but the consistency in preference across varying users, over a long period of time, does seem to indicate that New Monarchy is being consistently preferred.

Until Bungie decides to release live stats, or perioidic updates, there's no way to know for sure. But statistically, it does seem that New Monarchy is leading.

Regardless, I recommend everyone use Charlemagne; you can start by heading to

Believe me, it's an invaluable tool, not just for stats, but for the loadouts as well.

Update: New Monarchy's lead is starting to get ridiculous, courtesy of Charlemagne's updated stats.

Nov. 9 | Charlemagne

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