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  • Daniel James

Microsoft's VR Halo Game is 'Halo: Recruit'

The "Mixed Reality" title will release on October 17th, for free on the Windows Store.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have hinted at their Halo VR experience for quite some time now. Fans eagerly awaited, both Halo's introduction to this new medium, as well as a better look at what Microsoft's foray into "Mixed Reality" would look like.

For clarity, Virtual Reality is when a player is fully immersed in a full-view display device and can move within it. Augmented Reality is when the display device merely projects images in tandem with a real environment. Mixed Reality is somewhere inbetween. It's a Mixed Reality, the MR headset creates a virtual reality environment, while including the real environment. Unlike Augmented Reality, the display isn't transparent, it merely used cameras to mix the environment into the rendered data.

We have no clue what Halo: Recruit will offer, but it's most likely a kind of demo, or proof-of-concept for the headset. It releases for free on October 17th, but if you don't have a headset, you can try it at any Microsoft Store, where the demo will be available.

343's Kiki Wolfkill describes the experience:

Let's be clear, this isn't a game or even a part of a game - it is a light introduction to the world of Halo and some of its most iconic characters... oh, and its weapons and maybe a Warthog. The point is, it was a chance for us to start to play with Microsoft's amazing new technology and for you to get to stand toe-to-toe with an Elite

Thankfully, Windows Mixed Reality headsets cost far less than the Rift or Vive, at just $349 with varying models from Asus, HP and Dell. Regardless of which you buy, the demo will work equally well on all.

So, are you going to try Halo: Recruit? Do you plan on buying a Windows Mixed Reality headset? If you aren't, stay tuned to Dstreet Mag and we'll relay you everything you need to know.

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