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  • Daniel James

Matchups to Watch: OWL Stage 1 Week 1

Before I jump into the crux of this article, I just wanna say – every single OWL match this week is worth watching. The skill gap between teams is there, but it’s much smaller than one might think. Every team has good players and I think any team has a chance at beating any other team on any given day. So don’t use this list to skip out on watching some matches. They’re all gonna be top notch Overwatch.

That said, here’s the matches I think will be especially spicy this first week of play (in order of appearance):

1. Los Angeles Valiant vs San Francisco Shock (Wednesday @ 4PM PST)

These two teams had me glued to my seat during the preseason. They’re both about equal skill level, and the match went to a game 5 tiebreaker in which the Valiant emerged victorious. Perhaps the Shock would have triumphed if they had been on full rest? Who knows, but either way it’s sure gonna make for an exciting game to kick off the season.

2. Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty (Wednesday @ 8PM PST)

The number 1 and 2 picks from my power rankings, how could this game not be good. In my opinion, the Fuel are the most stacked team NA, and the Dynasty are without a doubt the favorite to win it all. This one is gonna be close.

3. Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws (Thursday @ 4PM PST)

Probably the most risky matchup to put on here, as the Fusion are making their OWL debut with this match. The Outlaws definitely proved themselves in the preseason, and I’m curious to see how they stack up against the Philadelphian x-factor.

4. New York Excelsior vs Houston Outlaws (Saturday @ 1PM PST)

Both of these teams have the potential to be top tier. The Outlaws haven’t won a game yet, but I think this matchup could go either way. Especially be on the lookout for some insane Widowmaker duels between Pine and LiNkzr.

And there you have it, 4 matches out the 12 to play this week that I think will excite the most. Stage 1 kicks off tomorrow! Follow my on twitter @greeny_ow for my short thoughts after each day is done.

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