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  • Daniel James

Local Vagrant Keeps Selling Garbage in The Tower

Every week, players flock to Xur, Agent of The Nine, to get their hands on his wares. But since the events of Forsaken, we’re short a Vanguard and things have turned to absolute chaos across our purvue. The Tangled Shore is overrun with criminals and killers and The Dreaming City is under a severe curse, thanks to overeager Raiders.

You’d think The Tower would be free from this disorder, but alas, this isn’t the case. Just this week, a vagrant, clad in black, was seen wandering the Hanger. “But that’s Xur, an essential part of the weekly routine,” you’re saying right now! Is he, though? For the last four weeks, he’s sold absolute junk, dropped most of his useful stock and just sits around The Tower drinking and muttering under his breath.

Despite sharing the hanger with Dead Orbit's Arach Jalaal, he somehow comes off as the creepiest guy in the room. So, what do we do? Vagrancy has always been a crime, but we gave Xur a pass because he brought us cool gear. That isn’t the case anymore, so why are we tolerating him?

Solution? We kick Xur out of the Tower until he brings something cool.

That’s right. The free market has buoyed this sad sack’s career long enough, it’s time we apply its forces in the correct direction. Have cool gear? Forsaken exotics? 3 of Coin? Pull right up and sell away.

The last thing The Tower needs is some creepy dude standing around selling used watches and old exotics.

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