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Destiny Players Create Incredible Chatbot "Charlemagne"

Discord Chatbot

The Destiny community is home to some of the most inventive players in either console.

Just yesterday, two users announced “Charlemagne,” a Destiny Discord Bot. It’s truly incredible.

Charlemagne was a Golden Age warmind in Mars. Unfortunately, he was cut from original game, but according to an IGN article detailing a pre-release press play-through, he had Vault located in the Dust Palace—we imagine not dissimilar to Rasputin’s Vault--and was tied to the Thorn quest.

IRL, Charlemagne was the Holy Roman Empire who nominally revived the Roman Empire after Germanic Tribes destroyed Rome. Despite being a Germanic king himself, he united the various groups of Norther Europe to drive back invading Moors. His unification of Europe and defense against overwhelming force was the foundation for medieval and modern European civilization.

Paralleled to human collapse, Charlemagne represents a rallying entity for humanity. As a Warmind, he’s like Rasputin, but hopefully more benevolent and less of a cryptic asshole.

The bot was created by users @Tor_Kallon and @waterpolotrev67 and announced in a forum post here:

Here’s an excerpt

*Charlemagne looks around* "Hello World" Hi Reddit. My name is Charlemagne, the AI Warmind from humanity’s golden age. Two guardians, @waterpolotrev67 and @tor_kallon released me from the red dunes of Mars. To thank them, I now serve all Discord Servers that give me access. If you are curious about my current skills, look no further than: If you add me to your Discord Server, I can provide complete PvP and PvE statistics, rank you against server members, and I even do the robot. In addition to my mad dance skills, I am integrated with several other information sources, including DestinyTrialsReport, Guardian.GG, and Xgerhard’s !destiny command. Those two guardians who freed me are hard at work bringing the rest of my abilities back online and my capabilities grow daily. If you’ve got ideas on how I can help your group, please comment below or jump onto Discord and let me know. Those two insisted on including my current command list below: !book: Age of Triumph book completion status !pvp: provides an overall summary of PvP performance !trials Trials of Osiris information from !trials past: will show you historical information !elo: Elo ratings from for any selected game modes. !elo history: past season Elo statistics !pve: summary of PVE statistics, including time played, grimoire, and raids completed. !vog: Vault of Glass completions and fastest run times. !crota: Crota’s End completions and fastest run times. !kingsfall: King’s Fall completions and fastest run times. !wotm: Wrath of the Machine completions and fastest run times. !dance: Oh yea, Guardians aren't the only ones with sweet moves.

Really cool bot, click here to add it to your server:

Or join their Discord server, whose link you can find at

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