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  • Daniel James

Destiny 2 Will Have Couch Co-Op.

The pre-order page for a new Xbox controller suggests that Destiny 2 will have local co-op. This is great news for players. A huge part of Bungie's identity comes from their legacy in co-op multiplayer, whether it be party chat, in-game lobbies or the LAN parties of Halo yore. This will certainly prove to be invaluable in a Raid, which is why Destiny fans are so excited about this.

Twitter user Commander_Jeto caught wind of this on Microsoft's website:

While we’ve no official confirmation from Bungie themselves, it’s worth noting that this is more than just a misprint. Before the Destiny 2 reveal livestream, Deej conducted a series of interviews during the countdown. In one such interview, he mentions that Destiny 2 will support LAN networking.

With the current gen, split-screen has become nearly a thing of the past, with few major franchises outside of Call of Duty retaining it. Halo 5, in particular, met backlash for removing it. In many ways, couch co-op is an essential part of Bungie’s legacy in Halo.

On the other hand, Microsoft is most likely just referencing LAN multiplayer, which is certainly “couch” co-op. This is a greatly superior solution to split-screen, as it allows players full access to their screens while connected. Via local networking, players can be in the same room, in the same instance of the game with no lag or internet problems getting between them. It was invaluable during Halo and I look forward to using it for IRL Raid events with friends.

It’s exciting that Destiny 2 fans will get to enjoy the games with IRL friends. But for those who’ve already gotten excited over this on Twitter: Until you hear otherwise from Bungie, assume it’s not split screen. LAN co-op is still something amazing to celebrate.

[Edit | August 1, 2017, 1:06 PM]

Note: (1) It's come to my attention that a substantial # of readers aren't familiar of the difference between LAN networking and splitscreen. LAN requires multiple consoles to be on the same network, splitscreen is a single console with two players on screen. (2) The interview referenced where Deej talks about LAN networking can be found on YouTube here, at time (3:48:00).

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