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  • Daniel James

Destiny 2 to run Native 4K on Xbox One X, HDR coming to Console and PC

In the latest TWAB (This Week at Bungie), released today, Bungie delivered glad tidings of great joy. No, it's not Christmas yet, but it may as well be.

Along with the launch of 'The Curse of Osiris' DLC, Bungie is pushing an update, allowing HDR on consoles and PC. For those who haven't played on an HDR enabled TV or monitor before, let me tell you: it's a stunning experience. HDR is an expanded color standard that leads to significantly brighter colors, deeper contrasts and overall more vivid images. Many 4K UHD TVs and displays run HDR images, and users of the latest Samsung and LG smartphones have enjoyed it.

Speaking of 4K, an issue of some uncertainty has been resolved: the newly released Xbox One X will run Destiny 2 at native 4K.

The Xbox One and PS4 base models currently run the game at 1080p, while the PS4 Pro runs it at QuadHD, upscaled to 4K. With the Xbox One X nearly twice as powerful as the PS4 Pro, it's no surprise that it can run it at twice the resolution.

While PC players have had 4K all to themselves the past few weeks, it's great to see that console players can finally enjoy the game in 4K. And with Black Friday and Christmas coming up, HDR and 4K will doubtless be within even more players' reach.

While I'm currently playing on the PS4 base model, I'll be upgrading to PC in time for the Curse of Osiris expansion. I do have a special love for Xbox, though, and many fond memories of playing Halo on the system. So, to the lucky Guardians playing on Xbox One X, you're going to be in for quite a treat.