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  • Daniel James

Destiny 2's Raid Accidentally Revealed by PS4 Trophy List


The site Exophase has just revealed 14 of Destiny 2's available trophies. While I opened this with skepticism, it also includes the Trophy art. The art is unmistakably Bungie's work and near imposssible to fake without an insane degree of time and skill. This looks like the real deal.

Most importantly, it names the new Raid:


The Trophies, 'Belly of the Beast' and 'The Prestige,' each reference the "Leviathan Raid," with the latter citing a new 'Prestige' difficulty.

Destiny 2 Trophies | Exophase

So what does this mean? Well, until Bungie reveals, nothing is for sure. But Leviathan is the name of an ancient creature that was supposedly killed by Oryx and his sisters, thousands of years ago.

Also, it's worth noting that Titan's description in the synopsis claims that something "sinister" lurks beneath. The Leviathan could be that sinister force.

According to Destinypedia:

The Leviathan was a massive intelligent creature that resided deep within the ocean of the gas giant Fundament long ago. It was a disciple of the Traveler, and aided in imprisoning the five Worm Gods within the planet's core. When the proto-Hive sisters Xi Ro, Sathona, and Aurash dove into Fundament's depths in search of a secret that would prevent the Syzygy, an alignment of the gas giant's fifty-two moons that would create a global tidal wave of catastrophic proportions, the Leviathan met them. Communicating with magnetic fields, it attempted to persuade them to return to the surface and follow the way of the Traveler and the Light, warning them against the seduction of the Deep, but the sisters rejected its pleas because it offered no way to end their species' suffering and avert the Syzygy.

Later, after the sisters had made a pact with the Worms, becoming the Hive and ravaging Fundament, the Leviathan tried to escape the planet's surface and take shelter with the Ammonites of Fundament's moons. The Ammonites sent their best forces to protect the Leviathan, whom they revered almost as much as the Traveler, but the Hive saw this as an opportunity. In one fell swoop, the Hive slew the Leviathan and destroyed the Ammonite civilization, forcing the Traveler to flee for its safety. The Leviathan's corpse was fed to the Worm Gods Eir and Yul.

It may not be this "Leviathan" in question, but it may be a creature of the same species. I can't even begin to contemplate what direction the story takes to get us in "The Belly of the Beast," but I'm intrigued to see.

Stay tuned to Dstreet Mag, and you'll be the first to know.