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  • Daniel James

Destiny 2 Leads The Game Awards with 6 Nominations

Since 2015, the games industry has celebrated the year's best games in The Game Awards. While its multiplayer nabbed it a nomination in 2015, Destiny has remained winless. But many anticipated that Destiny 2 could change that.

With the nominees announced this morning, Destiny 2 leads the pack with six nominations.

While not nominated for Game of the Year, Bungie's latest game is up for awards in the following categories:

-Best Art Direction

-Best Score

-Best Audio Design

-Best Ongoing Game

-Best Action Game

-Best Multiplayer

Destiny 2 has been well-regarded as a technical achievement. At launch it was praised for its art direction, music and audio design. With a strong campaign and compelling multiplayer offering, millions of players have been engaged. The game's recent PC release, as well, was well-received.

Edge Magazine said of the game in its review,

For the more casual - OK, more sane - player, however, Destiny 2 is almost a triumph. It is a game much better at explaining itself, that wants to be enjoyed and understood, and is happy to reward players for simply being there.

Forbes further added,

It’s hard to imagine that Destiny 2 won’t satisfy fans of the original, but it’s also the type of game that will allow new players to jump right in, and skip some of the worst growing pains of the series. While there’s still room for improvement, and for this universe to live up to its full potential, Destiny 2 makes undeniable progress, and reinforces the idea that this is a series we’ll be playing for at least an entire decade, when all is said and done.

With Destiny 2's high praise from critics and dedicated player-base, it's no surprise that it's currently up for these awards. Bungie may have fumbled the original concept in 2014, but the latest release is a culmination of both a learning process and the original concept.

Currently, Destiny 2 is tied with three other games for most nominations: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn and Super Mario Odyssey.

With voting opened this morning, you can check out The Game Awards and vote for your favorite games.

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