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Destiny 2’s Collections Could Solve the Game’s Cross-Platform Conundrum

Forsaken’s improvements to the game’s quality-of-life are underappreciated. Amidst the bonkers new Raid, dazzling new City and explosive new gun system, many of the game’s bedrock features saw massive reworkings and improvements. Overburdened with loot? Your vault has 500 slots. Want to read the lore? It’s in the game now. Need to finish a milestone? It’s now on the map, not that awkward flyout menu. The shader system is still a dysfunctional mess, but it’s probably the only

The Netflix Paradox

I’m not ashamed to admit I only watch The Super Bowl for the ads. The thing is, I’m a bit more particular in my shameless consumerism, and I’d like to believe I’ve earned some dignity: I only watch for the trailers. The new Star Wars trailer -Solo- was surprisingly good. The logo and name are ridiculous, but the movie definitely looks like the dose of EU the new SW universe needs. Westworld’s trailer, too, has me excited for what’s likely to be a riveting new season of roboti

Microsoft's 2013 Vision for the Future was Weirdly Accurate

I expect that Microsoft was shocked by the immediate response to the Xbox One. They didn't just want this to be your only game device, they wanted this to be your only entertainment device. And they built, I imagined, the ultimate machine to that end. A friend of mine cited the Xbox One's failure with a quote that immediately had me rolling my eyes. "Being too far ahead of your time," James Allsworth once said, "is indistinguishable from being wrong." I just didn't see it. Bu

Xbox's Iconic Duke Controller Returning this Fall

Xbox players have learned this maxim: "The Phil Gives, the Phil takes away." When Xbox isn't working, the result looks like The Kinect, or Fable Champions, or Scalebound. Or any number of products that were cancelled (or should have been.) When Xbox works right, and under Phil Spencer this has admittedly happened far more frequently, Xbox gets the greatest goddamn peripherals consoles have ever seen. The Xbox controller is a versatile weapon of choice across all platforms. It