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Vex-Human Hybrid, Asher Mir, is a Quest-giver in Destiny 2...and Totally Insane.

In a previous article, "Why Vex Humans Could Show Up in Destiny 2," I unearthed evidence that a guardian, Asher Mir, had become infected by Vex fluid. He'd used Vex body parts as prosthetics to replace his missing limbs, before becoming infected. In that same article, I provided concrete proof that the Vex exist within the fluid, not their bodies, and that they can interchange bodies, should they desire a new host. The infection of Mir's Ghost--without any physical contact--f

The Paradox at the Center of Destiny

and the Guardian trapped in it. By nearly all measures, the Taken King remains the pinnacle of the Destiny experience. At the core of that experience is the sheer focus of its epic story and volume of lore left in its wake. But while the story sets the Hive and the Taken as the central antagonists, it had fascinating stories to tell about The Fallen and The Cabal. I've long believed that Destiny's best stories have been told when characters, factions and races are forced to a

Why Vex Humans Could Show up in Destiny 2

Age of Triumph's new grimoire depicts one of the most terrifying scenes in the game's 3 years. With Destiny 2's announcement weeks away, Bungie chose to drop grimoire showing a Guardian infected by the Vex. His arm was replaced by a Vex arm, and he suffers in a Tower hospital bed while Vex tech infects his Ghost. With its release so close to Destiny 2's announcement, there's reason to believe that Destiny 2 will blur the line between Human and Vex. In this article, I'll demon

Destiny Lore: What is The Darkness?

For the last three years, we’ve theorized what Destiny’s story is about. The smaller portions and more interesting tales within it have come to life over time, but we’re largely in the dark when it comes to The Darkness. Given that the overarching story of the franchise is “Dark vs Light,” and a good deal of our enemies are considered “forces of the Darkness,” it’s worth our time to extract what exactly it is. By examining the forces of the Darkness, and how their purpose ali