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Hawthorne's Bird is a Key Symbol to Understanding The Light

A lot of Destiny's best stories were told in the lore. And by a lot, I mean all. With Destiny 2, those invested in the game's lore hoped to see that mature storytelling in a more tangible form. But the final product was a self-contained experience that told a very linear story. The lore was acknowledged, but pushed off to the side. Or was it? One thing I noticed with the campaign was its focus. It told the story of the Red War, and--for better or worse--nothing else. Ghaul ta

Destiny 2's Captivating Premise and Ruthless Enemy

Cayde walks into the Tower Vanguard. It’s dark, stormy. The sky is dark. The Vanguard surround the table. Ikora reports that Comms are down. Zavala looks out into the skies. There’s a shadow, then there’s a fleet of ships. Within moments, the Tower is being bombarded. Structures are collapsing, the city is burning and pods of Cabal troops strike the ground, leaving craters and hulking troops. These Cabal are more viscious: without masks, their jowls rage freely at us, as they

Symbolism in Destiny

In concept, Destiny is very similar to Star Wars—the king of space fantasy. The conflict centers around a giant floating orb. Light and Dark are real entities that shape the conflict. There’s Space Empires, Space Magic, and Space Wizards. But in execution, Destiny is vastly different from Star Wars. Points are awarded to Bungie for creativity, but for Destiny to mature, it must become more like Star Wars. In the wake of Destiny’s launch, the most desired adjustment was a more

Destiny 2's Trailer Shows Bungie's New Laser-like Focus

Destiny 2’s trailer dropped last month. It’s short, cinematic and sweet—practically a teaser trailer. It cuts between Commander Zavala and Cayde-6’s speeches to their respective factions. From Zavala, we get the premise: The Last City has been invaded by ‘The Red Legion,’ the vanguard of a Cabal Invasion, led by their Primus, Gaul. All the while, Cayde contributes with some snappy, somewhat overdone humor, culminating in a promise of “a ton of loot.” Prior its 2014 launch, De