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Matchups to Watch: OWL Stage 1 Week 1

Before I jump into the crux of this article, I just wanna say – every single OWL match this week is worth watching. The skill gap between teams is there, but it’s much smaller than one might think. Every team has good players and I think any team has a chance at beating any other team on any given day. So don’t use this list to skip out on watching some matches. They’re all gonna be top notch Overwatch. That said, here’s the matches I think will be especially spicy this first

Destiny Screws PC Gamers Yet Again With its Nonsense Beta Schedule

Destiny 2 gives Pre-ordering players 2-3 extra days to play, with PlayStation leading the pack on July 18th. Bizzarely enough, PC gamers have to wait until August to try it out, with no benefits for pre-ordering. While the staggered release is normal, it’s disappointing that pre-ordering customers get only a few days advantage. Additionally, the delayed beta for PC is a counter-productive measure that will severely hurt the game’s launch.The original Destiny’s greatest market

Destiny 2 Coming Early to Console, Late to PC

Just as Sony’s E3 Show ended, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith tweeted to announce that the game is releasing two days early. Destiny 2 was announced to release on all platforms on Sept. 8 2017, before the full reveal pushed the PC release back indefinitely. Luke Smith claims Destiny 2 will release across both consoles two days early—Sunday, September 6th. CG Barret additionally puts a PC release date in stone--October 24th--with the game now live on the store for pre