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Awoken Techeuns Are Probably Behind The Dreaming City's Curse

A new trailer for Destiny 2’s ‘Forsaken’ expansion hit the internet this morning. Following the overwhelmingly positive reaction to yesterday’s combat reveal, the trailer showed off an absolutely fantastic looking new environment. The Dreaming City, or ‘Rivendell in Space’ as I like to call it, looks absolutely wondrous. The trailer fleshes out its darker crevices, while showing off the kind of combat players can expect. There are a variety of interesting corners to investiga

We Found Uriel's Gift

Uriel's gift is a blessing of immense power. But who is Uriel? And what is his gift? Well, I found both. In Destiny 2, Uriel's Gift is a powerful auto rifle that spearheaded the game's early meta. It's an object of both adoration and scorn among players, although those lines seem to fall consistently between those who do/don't use the gun. In true Bungie fashion, though, this weapon has hidden significance. As with all Destiny's guns, it has flavor text. It reads: "Take weapo

Theory: Nezarec Could Be Oryx's Son, Nokris

A while back, I published an article regarding a figure introduced in Destiny 2's lore: Nezarec, the Hateful. The article focused on what we did know, and what we could conclude. He was neither of The Light, nor The Dark. Nezarec seemed to invite The Darkness's heralding of 'The End,' with the intent of reintroducing The Light. This sets his power far beyond that of even The Taken King, Oryx, who was still subservient to, and suffering under, The Darkness. Unfortunately, I wa

The End is Nigh: Say Goodbye to the Destiny Universe

In a recent article, I talked about Destiny's dying world and how I perceived this soft-reboot of Destiny's universe. What I didn't perceive, missed in my immediate excitement with story analysis, was that the End is Nigh. Just after writing that article, I completed The Raid and went flawless in Trials. I was introduced to two wonderful new characters: Benedict-44 and The Emissary. And in conversing with these two fine souls, I was greeted with the following uplifting phrase

Destiny 2 and its New, Dead Universe

Shortly after Destiny 2 was announced, director Luke Smith said something that interested me greatly. It was something to the effect of "Destiny 2 isn't a sequel. Destiny 1 is a prequel." That's a mentality that wasn't wholly apparent in the campaign. To me, the story of Ghaul, the Red Legion and the retaking of The Last City was perfectly self-contained. It was an episode. But the content didn't end there. Strikes showed new threats: The Taken, Savathun, the Vex. The Raid, f

Vostok Observatory Easter Egg in Destiny 2 Points to the Jovians

This morning, IGN’s Destin Legarie showed off Destiny 2’s new Crucible map, with Bungie environment artist, Jeff Horal. Off the bat, we were amazed by the map itself: Felwinter’s Peak. Kind of. The Iron Temple appears abandoned, even destroyed; but that’s a piece of speculation for another article. Jeff Horal drops something much juicier in our laps while touring the map. The map is titled “Vostok” after Vostok Observatory, the central building of the social hub. This locatio

The Exo Stranger Needs to Stay Gone.

In the original Destiny, a series of questions remained unanswered? What is the Darkness? What is the Light? What is the Traveler? Who is the Speaker? Who is the Exo Stranger? I’ve written at length on these questions. We need these answers because they’re essential. The Speaker, the Traveler, The Light and The Darkness are all elements that are integral to the world of Destiny. The Exo Stranger is not one of those elements. In a Kotaku podcast, Luke Smith, director of Destin

I Dance on Grimoire's Grave

If you follow My Name is Byf, Sir Wallen or Myelin Games, you’re familiar with one of the best elements of the Destiny community. While the game lacked a tangible story, these individuals scoured the game’s grimoire cards, piecing together characters, events and—in routinely astounding fashion—a whole universe. In fact, I’ll shamelessly say it. If not for Destiny’s Loremasters (as the r/DestinytheGame community dubs them), I would have no investment in Destiny’s story whatsoe

Destiny Lore: What is The Darkness?

For the last three years, we’ve theorized what Destiny’s story is about. The smaller portions and more interesting tales within it have come to life over time, but we’re largely in the dark when it comes to The Darkness. Given that the overarching story of the franchise is “Dark vs Light,” and a good deal of our enemies are considered “forces of the Darkness,” it’s worth our time to extract what exactly it is. By examining the forces of the Darkness, and how their purpose ali

Destiny Lore: What Does a World Without Light Look Like?

The Gameplay reveal of Destiny 2 will take place Live from Los Angeles on May 18, and a select group of media members and community members were invited to take part. On their invitations were these words: “Welcome to a world without Light.” In the Destiny teaser, we’re shown the premise of our characters’ plight: A Cabal Invasion of the Tower. Here, Bungie has revealed the premise of the world of Destiny 2. The terms “Light” and “Dark” were thrown around in a vague and caref