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Anthem Delayed to 2019 as EA puts Studio, Bioware under Heavy Scrutiny

At E3 2017, the creators of 'KOTOR' and 'Mass Effect' took the Microsoft stage to announce their next game. Following the failure of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda,' Bioware was both under heavy scrutiny from gamers, and their parent company, EA. Anthem looks to be another gear-grind action game, entering the space pioneered by Destiny and The Division. Since 'Andromeda' was developed by a former support studio-turned ancillary Bioware shop, many felt that its poor performance didn'

BioWare's Anthem Reveal is a Gorgeous Bowl of Nothing

EA opened the Olympic procession of E3 Press Conferences with a tease of Bioware’s upcoming RPG. The acclaimed creators of the original Mass Effect trilogy were long-rumored to be crafting a new, “next-gen” IP. While the newborn Montreal studio worked on the maligned Mass Effect Andromeda, the original team prepared what was presented at the Xbox Show: Anthem. The player enters the scene, out from behind the camera, walking into a crowded, dusty marketplace. As she pushes pas

EA Unveils their Destiny Competitor: Anthem

Yesterday, EA gave us a taste of Bioware’s latest project, Anthem. Just an hour ago, they closed the Xbox E3 show with a 6-minute gameplay reveal. It's a “live” MMORPG hybrid game that vies for a place in the genre that Bungie cracked open in 2014. Competition is key to advancing the genre, and gaming as a whole—but competition can also be deadly. Anthem ultimately vies for the same niche of gamers that occupy Destiny. In a post-The Division-world, we once again find ourselve