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Symbolism in Destiny

In concept, Destiny is very similar to Star Wars—the king of space fantasy. The conflict centers around a giant floating orb. Light and Dark are real entities that shape the conflict. There’s Space Empires, Space Magic, and Space Wizards. But in execution, Destiny is vastly different from Star Wars. Points are awarded to Bungie for creativity, but for Destiny to mature, it must become more like Star Wars. In the wake of Destiny’s launch, the most desired adjustment was a more

Destiny Lore: What Does a World Without Light Look Like?

The Gameplay reveal of Destiny 2 will take place Live from Los Angeles on May 18, and a select group of media members and community members were invited to take part. On their invitations were these words: “Welcome to a world without Light.” In the Destiny teaser, we’re shown the premise of our characters’ plight: A Cabal Invasion of the Tower. Here, Bungie has revealed the premise of the world of Destiny 2. The terms “Light” and “Dark” were thrown around in a vague and caref