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Local Vagrant Keeps Selling Garbage in The Tower

Every week, players flock to Xur, Agent of The Nine, to get their hands on his wares. But since the events of Forsaken, we’re short a Vanguard and things have turned to absolute chaos across our purvue. The Tangled Shore is overrun with criminals and killers and The Dreaming City is under a severe curse, thanks to overeager Raiders. You’d think The Tower would be free from this disorder, but alas, this isn’t the case. Just this week, a vagrant, clad in black, was seen wanderi

Bungie’s New Franchise is Called ‘Matter’ Apparently

Back in June, Bungie CEO Peter Parsons announced that the company was changing directions. With the aid of new, Chinese investors the studio would be pursuing new projects, without Activision’s involvement. Destiny will remain, but it’ll be joined by sister franchises, ones that will be self-published and owned entirely by Bungie. Parsons claims the goal is to turn Bungie into a “multi-franchise” studio. Speculation quickly arose around this new project, assuming there aren’t

Destiny 2 Failed to Use its World to Tell its Story

"What we’re doing with Destiny is we are deliberately telling a story about the Light and what it means to be chosen." -Luke Smith, talking to Kotaku about Destiny 2's direction It's impossible to say that Destiny 2's locations aren't beautiful. They're often stunning, with an attention to detail that makes them immediately immersive. Still, they lack they memorability of the original game's now iconic locations. Why? The blame rests on a story that doesn't use its setting, r

Why Destiny 1's Worlds Were So Special

"No one is to blame. It is neither their fault nor ours. It is the misfortune of being born when the whole world is dying." -Alexander Herzen You wake from a hazy dream, outside the perimeter of what you later learn to be 'The Cosmodrone.' You've waited years for this; years, waiting for Bungie's 'Destiny.' Set in the sunset of humanity at its most powerful, you're tasked with picking through the ruins of what once was, and waging an unwinnable war for humanity's future. "Rui

A Tale of Two Post-Destiny Games

Destiny is a unique game, in its RPG-ification of the console shooter genre Bungie created with Halo. With its focus on co-op, the game rapidly became something that rivaled MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft. And so, every eye in the industry turned towards "Destiny-style" games. Many have compared the game to Borderlands as a "looter shooter," but I'm not a fan of the comparison. Destiny's grind economy of materials and activities is far more important than its gun collecti

The Original Destiny May Release on Steam

Earlier this morning, it came to light that Destiny’s Silver currency was listed and purchasable on Steam. This lead many to the conclusion that Destiny 2 would launch on Steam alongside the Blizzard version. But I believe this is indicative of a more exciting possibility: The Original Destiny may release on PC. My reasoning: One of the red flags that caused me to doubt that the listing was real was that the SteamDB page provided icons that were linked to the PlayStation Stor

The Paradox at the Center of Destiny

and the Guardian trapped in it. By nearly all measures, the Taken King remains the pinnacle of the Destiny experience. At the core of that experience is the sheer focus of its epic story and volume of lore left in its wake. But while the story sets the Hive and the Taken as the central antagonists, it had fascinating stories to tell about The Fallen and The Cabal. I've long believed that Destiny's best stories have been told when characters, factions and races are forced to a

Reddit: Bungie is Extending Age of Triumph Shirt Redemption Period

The Age of Triumph shirt is a prestigious item that many players worked pretty hard to get. It’s a statement of commitment to the game, something many of us have sent hundreds, if not thousands of hours. It’s a great item that commemorates three years of achievements. Unfortunately, players who missed the August 1st deadline were denied codes. Even players who beat the deadline for the Record Book were unable to enter their codes to redeem the shirts. With many players having

Bungie May Have Outed The Jovians Back in 2013

At a GDC panel in 2013, Joseph Staten detailed the creative process of Destiny, which had just recently been announced. Early in the presentation, titled "Destiny: Defining the Center of Your World," they showed off a series of "postcards" from the world of Destiny. At the center of this world, they explained, was a beautiful fantasy world and in the center--a space ship. But inhabiting this world? Staten explained: "So in Halo, we had one main enemy. And to fill out a world

Iron Banner -June 2017

Head over to Felwinter's Peak and grab your bounties from Efrideet. Today, Bungie kicks off Iron Banner: Supremacy. For those working towards 400 Light, nothing beats a sit-down with Iron Banner. This week, you'll be earning Helmets and Class items. Weapons: Armor: #IB #Destiny

What Does a Destiny Competitor Look Like?

Bungie’s Halo was the first console FPS to hit mainstream. In fact, it was one of the first games to become a “Blockbuster” in the same breath as a film release. To this day, the imagery of a Halo release--Steve Balmer and Bill Gates rocking the best of 2000’s dance moves on stage; Xboxes being thrown across Time Square into hordes of fans; delirious teenagers and adults packed into rooms with massive tube TV’s crammed into tight spaces—remains unmatched. It was the birth of

Destiny Funkos Hit Shelves This August

Funko Pop figures are a hugely popular fixture of gaming. Every new franchise—film and games alike—has their fans clamouring for figures of their favorite characters. Hugely popular characters from franchises as Star Wars and Halo are valued with exponential gains over the $8-12 price tag. The Darth Maul Hologram figure sells as high as $1,800, while Bungie’s own Master Chief can go for as high as $240. Destiny’s Funko Pops have been long awaited, and—after being outed by Red

Thank You, Bungie

On Thursday, we see the future of Destiny. It will be the beginning of a brand new age for players, the game and Bungie Studios. But for me, it’s also the end of the original Destiny. On May 18th, it becomes “old Destiny.” So here, I give my final thoughts on what has cumulatively been one of the greatest games I’ve ever experienced. I was a freshman in college when Destiny came out. It was 2014, and being fresh out of high school, hadn’t gotten around to getting an Xbox One.

The Art of Destiny: Deconstructed

Destiny’s art style has evolved with each new entry. Here, we break down what each shift means and what the latest batch of Destiny 2 imagery could mean. We’re talking about vague artistic elements so I’m not going to pretend I’m discovering hidden plot points, story elements or even revealing the artistic mood beyond what you already understand from casual viewing. What I am doing is showing how Bungie used visual elements Destiny’s original art style is immediately recogniz