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Crimson Days Impressions: Fun, No Strings Attached

I loaded into Destiny 2 on PC, waited for the appropriate update to install, the launched myself into the Tower. Crimson Days is certainly a restrained event compared to The Dawning, and it shows. Visually, The Tower gets a very pretty flower arrangement at spawn, but the rest of the social space seemingly missed the memo and didn't dress accordingly. The vendors, too, have varying levels of interest. Tess Everiss, of course, was first to beckon me. I'm wary of her

Crimson Days Returns Next Week

In 'The Taken King,' Bungie had a well-received hit on their hands. That said, it wasn't long until they hit a roadblock: a content crisis. People were running out of things to do. With the 'April Update' not coming until, well, April, Bungie was forced to get creative. And so, a new holiday was born: Crimson Days. Crimson Days is a Valentines-Day themed event, with a spiced-up, unique playlist: Crimson Doubles. It's only ever been playable once, in the Taken King's autumn ye