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Destiny 2's Install Screens are Too Beautiful for My Wretched Eyes

Destiny 2's Beta comes with an install screen. I love install screens. In a world where digital installs have all but destroyed this archaeic statement, a few stellar studios still put in the effort to create these. They're effective at creating moods and setting the stage for what's to come. Grand Theft Auto V comes to mind as one that gripped me. The "Mona da Vinci" music and the classic GTA character art? It's an effective introduction to the deeply worried mind of a story

A New Taken King Rises in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Playstation Exclusive Content Trailer | Bungie Oryx is dead, the Taken King vanquished, and the Tablets of Ruin have been seized from Golgoroth’s Cellar. So why are the Taken appearing in Destiny 2? As a malignant, but passive force, perhaps? Unfortunately for Guardians, this is unlikely. Recent releases from Bungie make it apparent that The Taken and the Hive hierarchy that control them will play a significant role in the events of Destiny 2. Our main sources: A ba