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Local Vagrant Keeps Selling Garbage in The Tower

Every week, players flock to Xur, Agent of The Nine, to get their hands on his wares. But since the events of Forsaken, we’re short a Vanguard and things have turned to absolute chaos across our purvue. The Tangled Shore is overrun with criminals and killers and The Dreaming City is under a severe curse, thanks to overeager Raiders. You’d think The Tower would be free from this disorder, but alas, this isn’t the case. Just this week, a vagrant, clad in black, was seen wanderi

Bungie’s New Franchise is Called ‘Matter’ Apparently

Back in June, Bungie CEO Peter Parsons announced that the company was changing directions. With the aid of new, Chinese investors the studio would be pursuing new projects, without Activision’s involvement. Destiny will remain, but it’ll be joined by sister franchises, ones that will be self-published and owned entirely by Bungie. Parsons claims the goal is to turn Bungie into a “multi-franchise” studio. Speculation quickly arose around this new project, assuming there aren’t

We’re Out of Reasons Why Destiny Doesn’t Have Cross Saving

Picture courtesy of YouTuber Snake DST Just yesterday, Sony announced they were lifting their block on crossplay between competitor consoles. Fortnite, the biggest game on the planet now, has taken full advantage, opening crossplay to all platforms, just in time for the release of its 6th season. Suddenly, a lot of potential has suddenly risen to the surface. In the world of Destiny, a persistent gripe from players and journalists has been the lack of cross-saving. Keep in mi

Three Terrible Boss Mechanics That Need to Die

Destiny is a pretty multifaceted and sophisticated experience that offers a variety of experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. But all encounters, regardless of their diversity or novelty, mostly end in a familiar encounter: a boss fight. Whether it be a story mission, strike, raid or gambit, the final boss is both the main course and cherry on top of the Destiny experience. Why? The satisfying rush of burning a massive health bar down? The catharsis of annihilating somethi

Destiny 2’s Collections Could Solve the Game’s Cross-Platform Conundrum

Forsaken’s improvements to the game’s quality-of-life are underappreciated. Amidst the bonkers new Raid, dazzling new City and explosive new gun system, many of the game’s bedrock features saw massive reworkings and improvements. Overburdened with loot? Your vault has 500 slots. Want to read the lore? It’s in the game now. Need to finish a milestone? It’s now on the map, not that awkward flyout menu. The shader system is still a dysfunctional mess, but it’s probably the only

How to Crush Your Way through Forsaken's Blind Well

If you’ve completed Forsaken’s campaign, and found a cool Awoken statue, you’ve probably found your way into The Dreaming City. The lost Awoken City is beautiful and mysterious, but should you have the misfortune of getting lost, you’ll find its filled to the brim with evil and violence. Central to this evil and violence is an arena of destruction known as ‘The Blind Well.’ Approach it with a ‘Charge of Light’ item, and you’ll unleash a hellish plague upon this dreamlike plac

Let’s Take a Moment to Appreciate Everything Destiny 2 Did Right

Destiny 2’s newest Forsaken expansion is expected to remedy the base game’s problems. It picks up from the preceding Warmind DLC which, incidentally, was praised for making smaller steps towards that goal. It’s no secret that players were disgruntled with the game at launch, many accusing it of being “a mile wide, and an inch deep.” So, if the future of Destiny 2’s post-launch content is to be defined by its ability to fix the game, it might be worth having a different discus

Destiny 2 Failed to Use its World to Tell its Story

"What we’re doing with Destiny is we are deliberately telling a story about the Light and what it means to be chosen." -Luke Smith, talking to Kotaku about Destiny 2's direction It's impossible to say that Destiny 2's locations aren't beautiful. They're often stunning, with an attention to detail that makes them immediately immersive. Still, they lack they memorability of the original game's now iconic locations. Why? The blame rests on a story that doesn't use its setting, r

Why Destiny 1's Worlds Were So Special

"No one is to blame. It is neither their fault nor ours. It is the misfortune of being born when the whole world is dying." -Alexander Herzen You wake from a hazy dream, outside the perimeter of what you later learn to be 'The Cosmodrone.' You've waited years for this; years, waiting for Bungie's 'Destiny.' Set in the sunset of humanity at its most powerful, you're tasked with picking through the ruins of what once was, and waging an unwinnable war for humanity's future. "Rui

Bungie CEO Says New Franchises are Coming, Sans Activision

Bungie, the creators of Halo and Destiny, just sold a minority share of its ownership to Chinese company, NetEase. CEO Pete Parsons claims that the company will look at self-publishing outside of their relationship with Activision and turn Bungie into a "multi-franchise" studio. For Destiny players and fans of the studio, this could mark the next era of Bungie. In a blog post, Bungie explained their newest partnership. "At Bungie, our purpose is to build worlds that inspire f

Activision Earning Call Confirms Destiny Expansion Coming Fall 2018

Destiny 2 DLC outsold Destiny 1 DLC by wide margin Eververse Micro-transactions out-grossed DLC sales IGN's Destin Legarie: 'Activision: event in May and major expansion in Fall is a chance to reengage their audience.' Activision: Bungie is in process of addressing fan feedback This afternoon, Activision made its Q4 Earnings Call, with a lot of good news for investors. Call of Duty once again topped the charts after repeated misfires in previous years. Overwatch League proved

Crimson Days Returns Next Week

In 'The Taken King,' Bungie had a well-received hit on their hands. That said, it wasn't long until they hit a roadblock: a content crisis. People were running out of things to do. With the 'April Update' not coming until, well, April, Bungie was forced to get creative. And so, a new holiday was born: Crimson Days. Crimson Days is a Valentines-Day themed event, with a spiced-up, unique playlist: Crimson Doubles. It's only ever been playable once, in the Taken King's autumn ye

If Bungie Fixes its Communication Problem, We'll Just Get Bad News Faster

Bungie is hiring a new community manager. When the /DtG subreddit discovered this, it was initially assumed that Deej was being replaced. The consensus, now, is that there's a more likely reality: Bungie is duplicating Deej's position. This, of course, was good news to many. Bungie has been accused of having a communication problem. Their opaque operations mean that community discussion is forced to rely on a variety of player-lead feedback. This is almost never good, since a

Opinion: Halo 6 is Entering the Market with Every Advantage

In 1997, coming off the development of Myth II: Lord of Fallen, Bungie Studios began developing the fragments of ideas that, in 2001, culminated in a gaming phenomenon so powerful it dominated popular culture for the better part of a decade. From the moment its first copy shipped, Halo began a relentless journey that culminated in Halo 3. Halo 3's launch itself was a cultural landmark, a moment intensely sandwiched between hype and victory. It so wholly dominated the industry

Destiny Fan Stands Outside of Bungie HQ For 5 Hours Giving Devs High Fives

It’s no secret that a wide swathe of the internet is unhappy with the state of Destiny 2, but it’s hard to argue that Bungie isn’t one of the most popular game developers around. While the relationship can get strained, the engagement between the studio and its fans is a rare commitment that few studios have earned. One fan, in particular, took a unique approach to that relationship: he stood outside of Bungie HQ…and gave its employees high-fives. For five hours. Don’t listen

The Incredible Story Behind the 'Music of the Spheres' Leak

In a truly shocking Christmas miracle, Destiny's unreleased orchestral 'Music of the Spheres' has leaked to the internet. Destiny's soundtracks have always been remarkable, but this is the definitive Destiny score; a masterpiece by every measure of the word. In 2013, Bungie infamously fought with iconic composer Marty O'Donnell over his work on the orchestral score for the their upcoming game: Destiny. The score was highly anticipated, as a collaboration between Sir Paul McCa

Hear Me Out: Snipers and Shotguns Should be Primary Weapons

A bit over a month back, Slayerage made a video explaining his dislike for the current "dual-primary" weapon system. His argument, summed up: Destiny 2's weapons feel incredible boring, and it's because the dual primary system has destroyed the game's variety. We have two slots for very average weapons, and single slot for a large pool of heavy weapons. Additionally, former "special weapons" like shotguns, snipers and fusions that deliver 1-hit kills at various ranges are for

4 Kickass Destiny 2 Wallpapers to Help You Celebrate Bungie Day

On the date July 7th, the 7th day of the 7th month, children across the globe flee their beds early in the morning to celebrate the wonderful "Bungie Day" in which families celebrate the generations of shooting aliens in the face and teabagging friends and loved ones. Since 2001, players have been treated to Bungie's masterclass multiplayer experiences in the Halo and Destiny universes. Bungie quite literally invented modern online multiplayer with Halo, introducing persisten

What to Expect at Destiny 2's E3 Booth

In the weekly (and late) “This Week at Bungie” post, Deej summarized what E3 attendees can expect at Bungie’s E3 booth. Destiny 2 is a giant among the franchises that will appear in LA over the week. “This week at Bungie, we’re California dreaming. “In a couple of weeks, we’ll be at E3. We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve sent Bungie Away Teams to brave the crowd at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year will mar the fifth time we’ve entered the fray with some Dest

Thank You, Bungie

On Thursday, we see the future of Destiny. It will be the beginning of a brand new age for players, the game and Bungie Studios. But for me, it’s also the end of the original Destiny. On May 18th, it becomes “old Destiny.” So here, I give my final thoughts on what has cumulatively been one of the greatest games I’ve ever experienced. I was a freshman in college when Destiny came out. It was 2014, and being fresh out of high school, hadn’t gotten around to getting an Xbox One.