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Get Your PC Ready for August 28th's Destiny 2 Beta

PC Gamers will get their chance to try the Destiny 2 Beta, starting August 28th. On that date, those who’ve pre-ordered will unlock access. The next day, August 29th, the beta will become open to the public, before concluding on August 31st. This is disappointingly shorter than the console beta, even before it was extended by two days. Since the PC is a platform that requires much more tuning to guarantee quality, I hope this is enough time for them. That aside, details on th

Gunslinger Hunter Review (Beta)

With the reveal of Destiny 2 and its brand-new subclasses, players eagerly awaited the game's beta. But since IGN's gameplay reveals, players became increasingly worried: there was an abundance of Titan and Warlock footage, and very little of Hunters. Worries arose that the beloved class would take a backseat in Destiny 2. I've played this class since Day 1, and it remains my favorite of the classes available in the original game. So it should come as no surprise that this wa

Destiny 2 PC Release Date Finally Revealed

As the Xbox and PlayStation betas prepare for release, Bungie announced today that accounts can be linked to accounts. Additionally, the PC release date has (finally) been announced to be October 24th. This is certainly later than many hoped; with a PC beta scheduled in August, though, this should give Bungie and Vicarious Visions sufficient time to deliver a great PC port. For now, preorders are live on the Blizzard app and all major retailers. A preord

The Destiny 2 Beta is Nearly Here: Where to Head First?

In the original Destiny Beta, players were thrust into the open world of Old Russia. With access to nearly the entire open world, though, players were somewhat underwhelmed to discover that the full game didn’t have much more to offer. Further, the beta itself was overwhelming. Players had so many areas to play, that exploration itself ate up the bulk of the average playtime. With few directed activities, players with only a few hours to play (between jobs, family and school)